Islamic literature is abound with restrictions on sexuality. One prohibition in this area is the prohibition on masturbation and the teaching that it is a filthy and sinful act.

There is nothing in the Qur’an to suggest this is prohibited or is sinful. The indirect side-effect of this act being portrayed as filthy and sinful on the mentality of growing individuals is a perception that sexual pleasure – or receiving pleasure from their bodies is at some level, inherently wrong and incorrect. Instead of embracing their bodies and the ability to enjoy sexual pleasure, this teaching promotes in building a sense of guilt for having sexual tension.

Sexual desire is one of many bounties Allah bestows on an individual. It is both healthy and needed for enjoyment and well-being. Being another bounty of Allah, it should be perceived by every person as a miracle of Allah and to be embraced and accepted. However, the instilled notion as a result of this teaching is as stated, the opposite. It builds subconscious sexual blockades on people’s minds and this trickles into the bedroom when they are married by affecting how receptive they are to sexual pleasure, and to also sexually express themselves with their husbands or wives.

Self exploration / masturbation can lead to better understanding of one’s body. For instance, a woman having understood the rhythm, pressure and her spots is in a better position to guide her husband to what pleases her most.

Modern medicine also considers masturbation safe and normal. To conclude, there is no prohibition in the Qur’an on masturbation. There is nothing to suggest it is abnormal or unhealthy.

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