3:7 He (is) the One who sent down to you the Book, of it (are) the verses Lawgiving (MUHKIMATUN); they are the essence/foundation (Ummu) of the Book (AL-KITABI); and others (are) Ambiguous (MUTASHBIHATUN). Then as for those who have perversity in their hearts, they follow what (is) Ambiguous (TASHABAHA) of it, seeking hardship and seeking its interpretation. But none know its interpretation except God, and those who are well founded in knowledge; they say: “We believe in it, all is from our Lord.” And none will remember except those who possess intelligence.

God tells us in verse 3:7 that there are two types of verses in the Quran : Muhkimat & Mutashabihat.


Muhkimat means Lawgiving straightforward verses, which have one meaning. These are the foundation of the Quran and God calls them “Um Al-Kitaab” because they are all the law giving verses. They are related to everything that we need to know to practice the Deen (System) Islam.

For example the verses that speaks about Salat (Following closely), Fasting (Abstinence), Zakat (Purification), Sadaqa (Charity) and Hajj (Debate) etc. Also the verses which have all the prohibitions like Meat of pig, Adultery, Marriage, Divorce, False witness, and so on. These types of verses are very clear and we must take their literal meaning without allowing any Imam or Scholar or any interpreter to manipulate their meaning.


Mutashabihat means Ambiguous verses, which can have more than one meaning. These types of verses have nothing to do with practicing Islam and has nothing to do with the law of God.

For example the verse which speak about 19 Angels over Hell-fire or 8 Angels surrounding carrying the throne of God or Abbreviated letters (Haruf Mukataat) or the verses which speak about the creation of the universe, or the verses which speak about the Ruh, Heaven and Hell, Judgment day events, face of God, hand of God and so on. These verses indeed can have more than one meaning.

Further the verse 3:7 says those who have a disease in their hearts, they will follow what is Ambiguous (Mutashabihat) from the Quran seeking hardship and seeking its interpretation. But the believers will not go after such verses to seek hardship and to seek its interpretation, they will say we believe in these verses, these are all from God.

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