Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adhha are not mentioned in the Quran.

Eid means Festival.

Ayn-Ya-Dal/Ayn-Waw-Dal = ever-occurring, periodical, festival.

AAeed n.m. 5:114

Eid-ul-Fitr: It is commonly understood to be a festival related to the end of Ramadan. Get liberated from fasting and enjoy as thanksgiving! Ironically, less than 5% Muslims practice Saum (Abstinence) during this entire month. But everyone talks about it and many wear a deceptive look. They view “fasting” as a means of self-purification, of feeling the hunger of the poor, or simply as an act of piety. They believe that the “Thawaab” (reward) of all good deeds and charity is increased manifold in this month. They think that Satan is imprisoned and Allah descends to the lower heaven to shower his Mercy.

Many Muslims calculate and give 2.5% of their wealth as Zakaat to the needy, recite the Quran profusely without understanding and try to “perform” much Namaaz. Zakaat, in fact, is due whenever we earn money (“the day of harvest” per Al-Quran 6:147) and whenever we have surplus (2:219).

On the Eid Day Namaaz, the “Imam” would recite 6 or 12 Takbirs, then sweet food, new or flashy clothes, socialization, gift and card exchange; and that is the end of it.

Any of these rituals present in the Quran? No! Do they bring about any change in us? – None whatsoever but a false sense of gratification. The Quran is a very pragmatic Book. It gives us the Purpose with each Command. Saum is the yearly training for Muslims to attain discipline and inculcate qualities in us so that we may establish Allah’s Supremacy on earth (2:185). Think how 6 or 12 Takbirs make mockery of the Book of Allah!

Eid-ul-Adha: The Animal Sacrifice is one of the rites of the Hajj (Debate) and the meat of animal has to reach the Kabah. Obviously, the animal killing during the Eid-ul-Adha by Muslims around the world does not reach the Kabah therefore does not serve this purpose. The meat shall be consumed by Hajji (those who come for debate), poor and needy. The commandment for sacrifice in the Quran is only for the pilgrims.

The two Eids, “Eid-ul-Fitr” and “Eid-ul-Adha” are not mentioned and ordered in Allah’s Exalted Quran.

So, Allah didn’t command us to celebrate Eids.

It is indeed, the clergies of the ummah who issued this commandment, and the whole of the ummah (more than 99.99%), whom the religious scholars have made their slaves, follow them and celebrate Eids.

Eid is nothing but a wastage of money. It is nothing but becoming extravagant.

The ummah spends billions of dollars on vanity, when at the same time there are, in this ummah, and around the world, poor, who are without food, shelter and medicine.

Those poor, they and their children, crying and dying in deprivation, but the unjust rich of the ummah celebrating Eids, which is not a commandment in Al-Quran.

Not in words, but with their actions the cruel rich are answering the poor, “We don’t care if you and your children are without food, shelter and medicine, and dying,—for us Eid is more important than your basic necessities.—We will let you die in deprivation, and not care a bit.”

If only, people had read Allah’s Quran and had Iman in It from the core of their hearts,—then they would have know that—

We can not live a plushy life.—–We can not live in big expensive houses, wear gold and expensive clothes, eat expensive foods,——-when there are a lot of people hungry, without medicine and shelter.

Living style, houses, clothes, foods, must be,—–must be simple (not tempting to others).

We are not given to use up,—–whatever is more than our needs,—must be given out.

If we make an average of the Rizq in this world,—no one can be rich,—and no one will be hungry.

If we try to become rich,—we will destroy the average.——-And we will be the criminals.

We can not become rich,—until a lot of people become poor, destitute and die in deprivation.

Because——-Allah sent down Rizq in accordance with our “Needs”,—–and not in accordance with our “Unjust Wishes”.

The Corrupt, Sectarian and Criminal “Ulama Karam” are responsible for the Downfall and Humiliation of this Ummah at the hands of the kuffaar. These criminal Ulama Karam have made the Ummah their slaves, and have divided them into Haram and Mushrik SECTS!

These Criminal “Ulama Karam” knowingly stop people from Allah.

Indeed the biggest criminals are the people themselves. They deliberately run away from Allah and His Exalted Quran.

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