Al Jinn aren’t literally created from fire they are created from a scorching hot wind, smokeless fire but not fire itself.

Jinns being separate from Adamites. Hence, But that doesn’t negate that the Jinns are Basharan/Human beings. Its clear from the Qur’an after Adam, his wife and Iblis/Shaytanu were expelled from the garden to the earth they all personified into mortal beings/physical beings.

Al Jinn and Al ins are distinctive creations Allah specifically addresses continuously to address throughout the Qur’an. They are two races here on earth that lives as

1) Nations
2) Mortal Beings
3) Have eyes, ears and hearts
4) That receive Mortal Messengers
5) That can procreate and have children interbreeding between Al Jinn and Al Ins”
6) That can travel to space and will be pursued by a flaming fire
7) Both Al Jinn and Al Ins/Adamites have Shayatin (Devils)
8) Both Al Jinn and Al Ins have Righteous and believers/Muslims
9) Both Al Jinn and Al Ins live and die here on earth and subjected to the laws of physicality
10) Both Al Jinn and Al Ins are whispered to by the Whisperer
11) Both Al Jinn and Al Ins are either threatened with Hell or promised paradise

That’s the question I believe in terms of recognition of who is a Jinn from an Adamite well I believe there are some pure Jinns who has not interbreeded with Adamites. These Jinns are the tribe of Shaytanu who are consistently carrying out the orders of their father Iblis. They are the Shayatin so yes they recognize each other. Allah says they are our mubin/obvious/clear enemies and we know them through their behavior towards us, towards nature. They only bring corruption and destruction to the planet. I believe the righteous Jinn among them who are followers of the Truth and who follow the Messengers they know through their actions to.

Adamites I believe that all of his descendants recognize each other as do the Jinns. But then we do cross breed but I believe the essence remains the same. Either we will have more of Iblis DNA or Adam’s DNA. Iblis created from a scorching wind more arrogance,” or to put it in other words, “vanity. What instilled these feelings of pride in Iblis was a vice he had allowed to grow within himself: “Ego”…

The equivalent term of “ego” in Arabic (enaniyet) is a derivative of the word ene. It means attributing a separate existence to one’ s self, seeing one’ s existence apart from and independent of Allah, and orienting one’ s deeds, attitudes and outlook by it.

Arrogance, on the other hand, is merely one of the manifestations of “Ego.” Once a person builds an “ego-centered attitude,” eventually he will begin to boast about the qualities and means Allah had granted to him as blessings, such that, these means become the presumed justification of his flawed mindset.

No matter the circumstances, such a person sees himself superior and greatly valuable. In the Qur’ an, such a person is said to deify himself.

Consequently, arrogance and, in connection with it, vanity, equals to associating partners to Allah and disbelief. In fact, this vice of Iblis’ is explained thus:

“… Iblis who was arrogant and was one of the disbelievers.” (Surah Sad: 74)

I believe by Iblis creation and the Jinns creation metaphorically being created from a scorching wind is similar to the arrogance/pride they have. Allah addresses the Jinn collectively saying much trouble did they bring to Adamites in the Qur’an. I believe that those who has this DNA from Iblis passed down and who wants to work on the side of their father will naturally be this way towards others.

Adam to me is created from Black smooth mud and to me mud symbolizes humility and hence we have in the Qur’an after Adam disobeyed Allah Adam asked for Allah’s Forgiveness and thus was forgiven. These type of qualities are our make up we have inherited.

Its only information that I have studied since I began the research about the Jinn and fire and Adam and clay and looking at it during critical analysis on the subject. I look at the psychology of the human being and how easily we are either humble or arrogant towards one another. To me we are either representing the Bloodline of Adam or Ibls in our DNA. WE are easily sworn to either side of the line. Personally, I can’t see myself ever becoming arrogant no matter how high in life I may obtain. Allah knows best. I can’t see myself wanting intentionally to destroy humanity or Allah’s beautiful earth. Fire and Mud don’t mix.

Adamites are more easily to forgive and more inclined to want to preserve life and nature. This at times becomes a weakness. Iblis and his descendants are more inclined to destroy and to corrupt life, destroy life and nature. Allah knows best.

‎”Allah will say, “This is the Day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness.” For them are gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever, Allah being pleased with them, and they with Him. That is the great attainment.” 5/119

“And shayṭānu will say when the matter has been concluded, “Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth. And I promised you, but I betrayed you. But I had no authority over you except that daʿawtukum (I invited you), fa-is’tajabtum (and you responded) to me. So do not blame me; but blame yourselves. I cannot be called to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid. Indeed, I deny your association of me before. Indeed, for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment.” 14/22

So Shaytanu says daʿawtukum (I invited you) how does he do this he’s not a person living in beneath the ground I don’t believe he’s living at this point I believe its his influences, his tribes, his control of ideas that leads to the invitation that takes us all away from the straight path.

“Every time daʿawtuhum (I invited them) so that You may forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears and they covered their heads with their outer garments and they insisted, and they became greatly arrogant. Then daʿawtuhum (I invited them) publicly.” 71/7-8

The same word is used about being invited how are we invited, called on by the Shayatnu? It has nothing to do with Shaytanu the person but Shaytantu the ideas, his goals, his objectives, intentions that can be dominant. I believe when we allow ourselves to become distant and astray in opposition to the laws of Allah hence we become a Shayatin. Among the people of the Jinn or Adamites we have potential to become proud, corrupt, disbelieving along with being rebellious. This is the characteristic of a Shayatanu hence a Shayatin.

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