Alkhabeethatu lilkhabeetheena waalkhabeethoona lilkhabeethati waalttayyibatu lilttayyibeena waalttayyiboona lilttayyibati ola-ika mubarraoona mimma yaqooloona lahum maghfiratun warizqun kareemun

24:26 Unclean things (Alkhabeethatu) are for unclean ones (lilkhabeetheena) and unclean ones (alkhabeethoona) are for unclean things (lilkhabeethati), and the good things (alttayyibatu) are for good ones (alttayyiboona) and the good ones (lilttayyibeena) are for good things (alttayyiboona); these [good people] are free from what they say; they shall have forgiveness and an honorable sustenance.

Tay-Ya-Ba = to be good, pleasant, agreeable, lawful. tibna – of their (women’s) own free will and being good (to you). tuuba – joy, happiness, an enviable state of bliss. tayyib – good/clean/wholesome/gentle/excellent/fair/lawful.

Kh-Ba-Tha = bad/foul/abominable/corrupt/wicked/deceitful, guileful/artful/crafty/cunning, malignant/noxious, impure/unclean/filthy, depraved/disapproved/hated/unlawful/disagreeable/culpable/disobedient, the worst or most wicked, evil.


”Bad women are for bad men, and bad men for bad women. Good women are for good men, and good men for good women; such are innocent of that which people say: For them is pardon and a bountiful provision” {Quran 24:26}

This logic is against the logic given in the Quran if you check the example of wives of Pharaoh and wives of Noah & Lut.

66:10    Allah puts forth as examples of those who have rejected, the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were married to two of Our righteous servants, but they betrayed them and, consequently, they could not help them at all against Allah. And it was said: Enter the Fire, both of you, with those who will enter it.

66:11    And Allah puts forth as an example of those who believed the wife of Pharaoh. She said: My Lord, build a home for me near You in the Paradise, and save me from Pharaoh and his works; and save me from the transgressing people.

66:12    And Mary, daughter of Imran, who maintained the chastity of her private part, so We blew into it from Our Spirit, and she believed in the words of her Lord and His Books; and she was of those who were dutiful.

Allah means by this verses is that pure consort with the pure, and the impure with the impure. If the impure, out of the impurity of their thoughts, or imaginations, impute any evil to the pure, the pure are not affected by it, but they should avoid all occasions for random talk.

Forgiveness for any indiscretion which they may have innocently committed, and spiritual provisions of protection against the assaults of Evil. It is also meant that the more evil ones attempt to defame or slander them, the more triumphantly will they be vindicated and provided with the physical and moral good which will advance their real life.

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