There is only one thing that makes a man a transgressor and he goes beyond Limits that Allah has clearly defined in His Revelations and that is “Love of this worldly life”.

Man loves to transgress Allah’s Limits. He wants worldly Comfort, Honor, Enjoyments and Carefree life at the cost of other’s share. He wants authority over other human beings and wants to make them bow before himself.

Such is a sinful soul being unjust against his own self.

The Sign of Allah’s truthful slave is that he believes in Allah and His Promises, and strives for the Hereafter.

Such a person never eats up other’s share that Allah has given in his hands to try him.

Remember, the only reason of transgressing Allah’s Limits is Love for this world. This is the greatest Sin/Shirk. And then all evils in such a lover of the world follows. All sins/shirk/kufr are accumulated in such a person. He is bad in behaviorism, angry and insults other human beings. People are scared of him.

A person who understands Allah’s Words and does not love this worldly life and its show off and enjoyments.

All the good traits are accumulated in such a person. He is good in behaviorism, kind and helping. People are happy and at peace when they see such Believer of Allah because he is always ready to do good to them.

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