Our Mullas have hijacked Islam to promote their religious domination on us.

Allah has prohibited priesthood/Mullaism (57:27) as it results in exploitation of the religion for selfish interest.

The Mullas adopt our noble Deen as a money making profession against its strict prohibition by Allah being a Fi Sabil lillah voluntary work to achieve HIS Blessings: (2:41,174/6:90/12:104/16:95/25:57).

The Mullas promote sectarianism, Maslak, Fiqah, Group and Party, Cult, Pir, Faqir differences to divide the Muslims to impose their cults to dominate and rule us religiously.

The Mullas build Masjid and Madarasas on large scale and raise funds by falsely promising Jannah to donors of black or white money and without any authority from Allah.

They don’t promote Quranic knowledge deliberately to make the Muslims indulge in Shirk and Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, deviations, extremism, Talibanism, sectarianism etc.

They make a simple and clear Deen as hard as possible to promote their greatness and domination.

They promote unauthentic and weak Hadiths, Tales and Stories, Sayings and Traditions and Arabic history more to confuse and keep us deviated and under their religious control.

They have illegally become our Wasila/Demi God/intercessor/middle man to Allah to make special Dua for us as if Allah has given them a special status. Allah says all are equal before HIM.

The Mullas will never guide us fully on Quran and its entire Muhkamat (3:7) but gives importance to so called Five Pillars of Islam to promote Worship business and build Masjid and Madarasas to make a living.

The Mullas will never guide us to avoid all sins and evils, falsehood, corruption, fraud, false promises, theft, murders, killings, suicide bombings, adulteration of food, Shirk, Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, Grave worship of dead saints, Tawaiz/Amulets,  Jadoo/Magic, Istekhara, Nazar o Niaz/Offerings, Jhar Phoonk/Exorcism, Nazaranay, Wazifay (saying something a particular number of times for a particular number of days), fairy tales, Karamath aur Jali Mojeesay/Miracles, Ilm Nujoom/Astrology, Ilm Jaffar/ Numerology, claims by vested Mullas of seeing or meeting our Prophet and praising them etc. and then asks us to live a life of piety and righteousness, good deeds, love towards all, hatred against none, care of parents, social and community service to mankind, but they are never exposed by our so called sincere Alims/Imams as they deliberately want to keep us deviated.

The Mullas never asks us to read the translation of Quran to understand Islam correctly as their own profession will be in danger. Hence they promote deliberately to simply read, recite and make Hifz (Memorize) of Quran without understanding as if Allah is Arabic.

Whereas Arabic is a common language of the Arabic people, Muslims, Non Muslims, Jews, Christians and contains good and bad words, songs and dances as in any other language. When the Arabic children and adults read and understand Quran and its Guidance on all matters of life with solution to various problems in their own language, then why the Mullas prevent us from understanding the Quran in our own language except near-worshipping it.

There is no order from Allah to either learn Arabic to understand Quran or otherwise to simply read, recite and make Hifz (Memorize) of Quran without understanding and to depend on the commercial Mullas to get exploited and deviated. Don’t allow your children to become Mullas by sending them to Madarasas. Ask them to read the translation of Quran to understand Islam correctly without any deviation, extremism, exploitation, sectarianism, Mullaism etc. as the Quran is a Book of Guidance of our complete Deen (3:7/5:3).

We should build a ‘NON MULLA MASJID’ to save Islam from all exploitations. Since Islam promotes education and knowledge (96:1-5), hence the Madarasas be upgraded into primary schools with Quran and its translation as one of the academic subjects. The children should sit on table and chairs and not on floor like Hindus and their Pujaris. The Masjid library should be upgraded into public library with books on all academic subjects.

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