Who authorized Bukhari & Muslim etc to collect the Hadiths?

If the Hadiths of the Prophet were so important then why didn’t the prophet or his family members do anything to write or collect these Hadiths?

Why did not the 4 Caliphs collected the Man Made Hadiths?

Why these Hadiths were surfaced 200 years later after the death of the Prophet?

Why didn’t Prophet sign any documents himself and say these Hadiths were divine?

If the Hadiths allows for something the Qur’an does not – or forbids what the Qur’an does not forbid – what would you do then?

How can the Hadiths of Muhammad be the best of the guidance when Allah clearly says that the Prophet Muhammad cannot guide 28:56?

Why didn’t Allah say anything about the Hadith & Sunnah on the Day of Judgment 7:52?

Why didn’t the Messenger say anything about the Hadith & Sunnah on the Day of Judgment 25:30?

Do any of the many verses of the Quran which command to “Obey Allah and the messenger” tell us to “follow Allah and the Hadiths and Sunnah which were going to be written down 200 years after Muhammad passed away”?

How do you connect the following: Obeying the Messenger = Obeying Bukhari’s hadith books?

Does Allah say that we must believe in the Messenger and follow hadith in which so many sayings are fabricated?

Where in the Quran the Hadith & Sunnah of Prophet is mentioned?

Why call a religious book Sahih al-Bukhari or Sahih Muslim instead of Sahih Traditions of Muhammad if the hadiths came from Prophet Muhammad?

If hadiths are supposed to explain the Quran, why did they leave out the scientific facts found in its verses which later non-Muslims had to show to the Muslims?

If hadiths are supposed to explain Quran then why did Bukhari leave out the following 28 Surahs: 23, 27, 29, 35, 51, 57, 58, 64, 67, 69, 70, 73, 76, 81, 82, 86, 88, 89, 90, 94, 100, 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, and 109?

Where are the original manuscripts of Bukhari showing the application of hadith science in his work?

Bukhari’s collected hadiths were preserved, but why was his first biography allowed to be lost?

How did Bukhari hear 600,000 hadiths from 1,000 men when his admirer and teacher Ibn Hanbal with whom he worked knew millions of hadiths which he tried to even live passionately and almost got him prophethood?

What is the definition of Sahih according to Bukhari?

How many people went on tour with Mr Bukhari to collect the hadiths? Not known? Move to next question.

It is claimed that Bukhari traveled to places also to collect hadiths. Who went to verify he did so by meeting the same people from whom he collected the hadiths?

Who sponsored hadith collection tour of Mr Bukhari?

Hadiths say “kill ex-Muslims”. Does this mean in order to stay alive they should “pretend” to be Muslim? Isn’t this forcing of deception?

Science of hadith talks about investigating narrators’ truthfulness. What tools did they use to analyze the truthfulness of people died hundred years ago?

Do you really believe that pious people like sahabas discussed and even scattered around stories of Prophet Muhammad’s sex life and bathroom activities?

Do you really believe Prophet’s wife Aisha talked about her intimate moments with a bunch of men and women?

What would be your reaction if you come to know that your wife has been going around the neighborhood spreading details of what you do during sex?

Why the great narrator of 2000 Hadiths is called Abu Hurairah throughout the hadith books instead of Abd al-Rahman which happens to be his Islamic name?

Do you consider Prophet Abraham to be Muslim? If yes did he say “There is one God and Muhammad is his messenger? In that sense, who was Abraham to you? (Don’t bring up the idiotic hadith about it, bring Quranic proof).

You claim that sahabas wrote down the hadiths. Why didn’t they do the same for Quran several times like this?

Can you prove Chinese whisper gives correct stories? Do you have a research paper to support your answer?

We are told to believe that hadith collectors were honest and truthful. But then why are there three versions of the incident of why flogging of Ahmed ibn Hanbal was stopped?

Would you do a standardized exam by reading its prep book containing contradicting statements?

Bukhari came around 194 years after the prophet passed. How did the Muslims practice Islam about 10 years before Bukhai collected them?

Out of 600,000, only 7,275 (with repetitions) were seen as authentic by Bukhari. Does this mean the early Muslims all follow a huge amount of false hadiths?

Can you swear that all hadiths found in the books are correct? If not why do you tell others to accept them?

If dha’if/Weak hadiths have no importance and credibility then

A-What are these dha’if/Weak hadiths doing in hadith books since 1200 years?

B-Why these books are called SAHIH with these dha’if/Weak hadiths?

How do you know that prophet Muhammad issued that statement?

Who will confirm you that prophet Muhammad said so?

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