👉God said Jinn and Ins received messengers 6:130. But why No jinn Messenger is mentioned in the Quran ?

👉If God is addressing the Jinns in the Quran then who is their Messenger ?

👉Why Jinns believed in the Quran and Prophet Muhammad ? Was Prophet Muhammad a Jinn ? 46:31-32, 72:2

👉Why Jinns were following the Book of Moses ? Was Moses a Jinn ? 46:30

👉Why Jinns were following Human Messengers (Moses & Muhammad) and Books (Torah & Quran) ?

👉Is there any verse in the Quran which says Jinn Prophet or Messenger may receive inspiration (wahy) from God?

👉Is it allowed for Ins to follow the Books and Messengers of Jinns?

👉If Adam and Eve were the first humans then how did the Angels know that they will make corruption on the earth and will spill the blood of each other?


👉How do Jinns made enclosures, and images and pools of deep reservoirs, and heavy pots for Solomon and David ? 34:12-13

👉What do the Jinns have to do with the Mosques? 72:18

👉How they commit sins ? 55:39

👉How they have ability to touch ? 55:56 & 55:74

👉What kind of eyes, ears, hearts and feet do they have ? 7:179

👉How come the word Rijal (men who walks on feet) is used for Jinns ? 72:7

👉How can Jinn be trampled upon under the feet ? 41:29

👉How will hell-fire burn invisible beings ? 6:128 & 7:38

👉How will hell-fire turn the Jinns in to a fire-wood ? 72:15

👉How will material things in Paradise will benefit Jinns ?

👉Why Jinns are missing from the fuel of Hell-fire ? 2:24, 66:6

👉Let us suppose Jinns are invisible beings then how do they procreate?

👉Is their population always changing or remain fixed in number since the beginning?

👉How men from the Ins seeking help from the Jinns 72:6? What are their ways of communications between each other?

👉How will the Jinns apply the commandments like performing ghusil, Salat, Fasting, hajj, sacrifice an animal, marriage, divorce etc?

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