The problem with the Muslims is that they are extremely ignorant and lazy. They do not read the Quran for themselves, they do not study it independently. They want to be baby fed what to believe, they do not investigate what they are told. They memorize and recite the Quran without understanding it. The problem with Muslims is that they do not believe the Quran is the only source of the guidance.

Muslims were suppose to lead this world with Peace, Justice and Equality but the devil tricked them and divided them into SECTS and invented Hadith books for them now they are in worse condition and suffering throughout the world because they have abandoned the teachings of the Quran. There is no unity in Ummah. They are backward nations with no technology. They have no just economic system. The corrupt leaders of the Ummah are busy in their luxurious life. The Ummah is like an Orphan.

Man Made Hadiths books were deliberately invented by the allies of devil to devalue the message of Allah and as soon as Muslims deserted the Quran in favor of the man made Hadiths and Sunnah books, their true Islam was corrupted beyond belief and their practice of Islam today is but a reflection of the Islam of the scholars like Bukhari.

Most Muslims don’t read neither the Quran nor the Hadith with understanding and they are told not to understand it on their own, that’s where the mullahs and imams takes over.

Man Made Hadith Books are nicely crafted to deviate the Muslims from the true path. It is so cleverly designed that the lies becomes the truth.

Hadiths and Sunnah are the shame of traditional Islam. Hadiths and Sunnah are satanic innovations and baseless traditions which cripple the true message of Allah described in the Quran. Hadiths has weakened and tainted ISLAM for hundreds and hundreds of years. Islamophobes blaming the Islam because of these hadiths.

True Islam is derived from the Quran and not from the traditions or cultures of Muslim people.

Muslims must accept the Quran alone!

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