The foundations of Islam, the fundamental elements, the basis of the religion of Muslims, this is the perceived concept of the five pillars of Islam, the Shahada, Zakath, Saum, Salat and Hajj.

The five comfortable pillows that Islam sleeps upon.

The view of the religious, handed down through the generations from it instigation, by the Persian elite of 1000 – 1200 years ago, in a successful attempt to subvert and nullify Islam, and to re-establish the Kingdom they had lost, to make themselves powerful, and to once more rule over the people with total authority, they created a simplistic and ritualistic Islam, they marketed aggressively and over time this was established without question.

All the pillars of Islam, are defined in there true concepts within the Qur’an, I am not expressing doubt as to the concepts been untrue, simply misconceived, and given undue prominence and status, when in fact they represent aspects of Islam not foundations.

The Shahada.

Simply articulate a single sentence and all your troubles are behind you, with the power of faith, ‘ašhadu ‘al-lā ilāha illā-llāhu wa ‘ašhadu ‘anna muhammadan rasūlu-llāh’, translated it reads, ‘I testify that there is no god (ilah). (There is) only Allah (Not God), and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’, an alternative translation is,’No Illah (God) except for one who is Not Illah (God)’.

So the only requirement to be embraced within the religious fold of the Christianized Muslim Faith is the recitation of this simple axiom.

The articulation of the Shahada does not in its self make a person Muslim, the deep comprehension of the Shahada would, but this is not required within a ritualistic concept, in truth what truly make a person Muslim, would be your actions, to exist within this universe, in submission to the concepts and principles as expressed within the Qur’an, understood through the extensive utilization of your reason, and acted out within your life, would make you a true and powerful person, so Muslim, no amount of blind faith can achieve this end.

The Shahada in this context is designed to remove reason and establish blind faith.


Pay a fixed tax, only 2.5% of your savings that are untouched for a full year, this is an obligatory act; you cannot avoid your taxes. This is absolutely against the Qur’an, to create a tax would mean there has been a sovereign established over the people, who can enforce collection, and so impose an unlawful burden upon the population.

Islam states you have no compulsion within the concepts and principles of the Qur’an, it states that you may give whatever is surplus to your requirements as charity, this means you decide how, where and when to spend your money, as it is your money, no one else has labored to acquire it. Taxation is 100% against the concepts of the Qur’an, without reservation. No one, or group, can vote, rule, or legislate a single coin of anyone else’s money, only freely given without obligation, or intimidation, or coercion.

Zakath within this concept is designed to transform charity into enforceable taxation so establishing sovereignty over the people.


You fast for thirty days, six extra to expand this to 365 days in the eyes of Allah; the purpose, to know what it feels like to be hungry, and so appreciate the suffering of the less fortunate, of course it’s good for your health, Allah is looking after your health, clearing out your system.

Firstly to believe that doing six extra days will in anyway extend your fast to a full year demonstrates a total misconception of the concept of Saum. They further say fasting is simply a way to focus your mind, to make you conscious of your actions, so making it easier to transform your every day behavior.

Dr Shabbir states: ‘I have translated “Saum” as ‘Abstinence’ since it involves more than ‘fasting’, such as intimate husband-wife relationship. Moreover, ‘Saum’ literally means self-restraint, and not fasting, hence, it includes desisting from common violations such as impatience, anger, unfair criticism, envy etc.

The yearly training of Abstinence in this month connects the Message with intensive reflection and study.’

Their concept is training, to stop the actions within your life that have become engrained, habitual, ordinary and every day acts, acts you do without thought. By having something that you must be mindful of throughout the day, it allows you to change your actions to improve yourself; over thirty days some of the habits and rituals of old will be removed and replaced with new more in tune actions, or at least this is the principle, of course you must be aware of this concept to utilize it, if you simply fast, you have done nothing but fasted.

Yet how many have utilized this practice to their benefit, if it were true should it not stand evident?

The Qur’an directs you to ask a question, any question, at the start of your fast, and then to wait, for up to 40 days, until the answer arrives. It tells you to investigate the actions of the messengers of the past, to understand how they used this very process of enlightenment to understand the solutions to problems that faced them.

Even though the purpose of Saum is expressed clearly within the Qur‘an, if this practice of revelation was utilised it would remove the power of any hierarchy, so they blind the people with lies and conjecture.


This is understood as prayer, ritual and unquestioned dogma within the established Christianized Muslim understanding.

Salat is considered as prayer, and believed to be of value in isolation (as a disconnected act), and is viewed as a ritual both strict and orthodox in it recital, the methodology is unquestioned and without flaw, needing no understanding, nor comprehension above the attainment of perfect execution. This is the view of Salat as expressed by the majority of recitalist.

But the concept of Salat, broadly means the establishment of a System that facilitates the following of Divine Commands, it means, to understand your methods and be conscious of your intentions, it means, to carry out correct action without difficulty, or resentment, without seeking praise nor reward from anyone or power. The establishment of Islam within your life and the world you live.

Salat is transformed from the establishment of Islam physically within this world, to ritualistic prayer within the confines of a religion, removing the drive to develop an Islamic existence.


This is understood as the requirement of Christianised Muslims to be burdened with an obligation that must be carried out by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so, to visit the Kaaba, at least once in their lifetime. It is they believe the demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to God, (but of course there is no God. (There is) only Allah (Not God)).

They believe Hajj is performed because Muhammad performed Hajj, but the ritual was considered ancient even in the time of Muhammad in the 7th century, and many believe without evidence that it goes back to the time of Abraham in 2000 BC. Pilgrims would join processions of tens of thousands of people, who would simultaneously converge on Mecca for the week of the Hajj, and perform a series of rituals. Each person would walk counter-clockwise seven times about the Kaaba, kiss the Black Stone, run back and forth between the hills of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, drink from the Zamzam Well, go to the plains of Mount Arafat to stand in vigil, then proceed to Muzdalifah to gather pebbles, which they would throw at a rock in Mina to perform the ritual of the Stoning of the Devil. The pilgrims would then shave their heads, perform an animal sacrifice, and celebrate the three-day global festival of Eid ul-Adha.

Mohammed worked hard to remove, religion, dogma, superstition, ritual, blind faith, priesthood, miracles, and sacrifice from the world, he tried to establish reason, knowledge, justice and understanding back into the family of humanity. But look at the perverse established reality of Hajj today, once more, steeped in superstition, ritual, dogma, miracles, sacrifice and religious zealotry.

Hajj is about the communities of the Muslim world connecting, (this would be assuming the communities were in existence of course) establishing joint projects, group community decisions, exchanging ideas, understandings, trade and brotherhood. But today no Islamic communities exist, the ignorance of the Christianized Muslims is so great they have allowed the usurious parasites to control their money, governments, education, media, militaries and manufacture religions, as they are fractured into sects, burdened with dogma, ritual and superstitions, they refuse to use their reason, and ignore the truth of Islam, in preference to the religion of Muslimism, based on Hadith and tradition.

This established concept precludes the true purpose of Hajj from being realised, and so maintaining the established dominance over the Christianised Muslims, trapped and oblivious.

The usurious elite perverts the truth, creating fixed pillars of reference, five pillars of, reason free, Islam.

So each pillow of Islam is carefully made to make the true Islam sleep, dormant and powerless against the religious and privileged powers that wish to dominate and usuriously exploit the mass population, the true concepts not to be aroused nor expressed, so that Islam could be subverted through misunderstanding and ritual, and the creation of an apposite religion could be crafted.

The formation of a Christianized Muslim religion with all the aspects of it brother religion, intercession, the messenger Mohammed himself is expected to personally speak to Allah on behalf of each Muslim irrespective of their level of submission, in the same fashion as Jesus is expected to let everyone that practice’s Christianity walk into paradise upon death, no matter the life they led, removal of responsibility, the introduction of ritual, dogma and blind faith as foundation stones.

The five pillars are of course different if you are of a different sect, the Shi’a Pillars of Islam are quite different:

  1. TAWHEED (Oneness of God)

  1. ‘ADL – (Justice)

  1. NUBUWWAT (Belief in the Prophets of God) A Prophet is sinless (ma’soom). The total number of prophets that were sent by God to mankind is 124,000 and every nation on earth was given guidance through them

  2. IMAMAT (Guidance) – Essentially part of Nubuwwat – Belief that prophet hood ended with Prophet Muhammad a.s. Then God deputed Imams (leaders) to guide us. They are sinless (ma’soom). The Imams have knowledge from God, and their verdict is the verdict of God. The Imams are twelve and they are the only rightful leaders and successors of the Holy Prophet. There is no successor to the Twelfth Imam Muhammad ibnul Hassan Mahdi who is alive today but in occultation (hiding)

  1. QIYAMAT (The Resurrection).

As you can see the Shi’a pillars are of the same vain, religious in connotation and understanding, created to generate ignorance and misguide the people, the very moment they formed a sectarian Islam they were lost.

The only way to escape the ignorance of religion is to understand Islam, as described comprehensively within the Qur’an, again a translation free of Hadith and misinterpretation.

The Five Apposite Pillars of Islam

It is of course academic as to the concept of five pillars of Islam been of any interest, as this is not a concept deriving from the Qur’an, but manufactured as a method of the promotion of religion, and all that entails. But the idea of pillars conjures the thought of the foundation, the structure of support, the elements that Islam is built upon, so I have made an attempt to select my own pillars below, of course they have no more merit than the ones selected to form religion, other than they are truly conceptual, fundamental, ideas of Islam.


Unity is power, division is weakness, this concept is a foundation, and you might express it as a true pillar of Islam. A pillar that has been aggressively distorted from the concept of the understanding of Islamic unity, evident from many failures of unity, from the formation of hundreds of sects of Islam, all describing themselves as Muslim, yet believing themselves purer, wiser, more pious, in effect they view themselves as truer Muslims than the other deviant sects that exist. To the dissolution of the society, family and comprehension of existence.

Sectarianism is a guaranteed way to religion, and all that is inherent with the creation of that institution, including the extermination of understanding and knowledge, systematically removed through schools of thought, historical misrepresentation and Hadith. Once an individual has been conditioned through this mechanism they will defend the sectarian deviation vigorously, passionately and with full ignorant, blind and indoctrinated faith, establishing stronger roots with the passage of each generation.

Unity is an unlimited concept, the unity of a family, the unity of a community, the unity of a business venture, the unity of people living to be Muslim (being in submission), the unity of the family of Adam, the unity of nature, the unity of the universe, the unity of Allah. Unity is power. Unity:

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Walk beside me that we may be as one.” Ute


The second pillar of Islam should be truth; truth is a subjective concept, to establish an absolute truth is rarely possible, but this is not the idea, it is only to accept the truth as it presents itself, the truth as you believe it to be, not to believe a half truth that better suits your needs, knowing within yourself that it is not the truth. This is the establishment of a believer as described within the Qur’an, a person that will only accept the truth, in whatever aspect of your life it exists within. Truth is power.


The third pillar of Islam should be Reason; human reason is one of the gifts of Allah, a gift that is increased with use, and reduced with neglect, an aspect of the Divine Rue (self), the single aspect upon which all else depends, without the extensive exploitation of reason within your being you will not, and cannot achieve belief, leading ultimately to knowledge, (revelation). Reason cannot stand-alone, reason is tempered by emotion, and emotion is tempered by reason. Reason is power.


The fourth pillar of Islam should be submission; submission to the concepts and principles as expressed within the Qur’an, free of Hadith and misinterpretation. Viewed as a guide to existence within this world and in your certain transformation to the next, in every sphere of life, political, educational, financial, social and universal. Submission is power.


The final pillar of Islam should be responsibility; responsibility to many things, your responsible to yourself, to establish firm belief in the truth, your responsible to your family in their education and welfare, your responsible to your fellow Muslim, in the establishment of an Islamic community, and to share the correct understanding of Islam. You’re responsible to the family of Adam, to protect and improve their existence as far as you are able; you’re responsible to Allah to exist in submission to the guidance of the Qur‘an. You’re responsible to maintain freedom, moral social values, ethical conduct, to establish yourself as a true Muslim and Caliph of this world. Responsibility being the judicious application of power.

The belief in the established five pillars is not an Islamic idea, it is not described within the pages of the Qur’an, simply a creation of the Persian elite to misguide the innocent, this being the case, the alternative five pillars I have stated, have as equal, a validity as the original, without the disadvantage of being unsuitable.

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