The understanding of the “mullah-mindset” is very important as its overpowering influence on Muslim masses mold their overall culture and values, including their belief system. Thanks to the mullah influence, Muslims have problem in adapting to modernism individually and collectively. The bulk of the mullahs throughout history have been loyal to the rich-and-powerful as their livelihood depends on them. Hence the proliferation of extra- and un-Islamic edicts or fatwas issued by mullahs justifying extra-ordinary privileges of the ruling elites and powerful men, including polygamy, slavery, concubines, harem, inferior rights for women and non-Muslim minorities in the name of Shariah.

Mullahs are the worst of creatures. They are responsible for religious hatred, intolerance and spreading of extremism in our society. These mullahs freely issue kufar fatwas on their opponent sects and threaten those with a different belief. They say that religion should be part of politics but in reality, mixing religion and politics has played a negative role against the prosperity and development of the country.

It is a tragedy that our society treats mullahs as saints even though the mullahs have no real love of religion. They use their position to brainwash the young generation. If any country is to prosper and develop, the government has to curtail the role of mullahs in politics and take constructive measures to restrict mullah’s role to mosques.

The mullah is a generic term, primarily denoting Muslim theologians but actually connoting all sections of the Muslim clerics, including imams or prayer-leaders and semi-literate madrassah teachers. Mullahs have the “sole authority” to interpret the Quran and Shariah law, mostly under the dictate of ruling elites. These mullahs’ tremendous hatred for Western ideologies because of local admirers and “agents”.

Most mullahs are apolitical, compliant and pragmatic enough to understand the implications of going against the ruling elites and rich and powerful as being not so employable, they depend on these classes for sustenance. Consequently many mullahs advise Muslims not to indulge in politics and “anti-state” activities under autocratic regimes. They also have certain “hadiths” to justify obedience to autocratic rulers.

Mullahs, especially throughout South Asia, glorify male supremacy, oppose female leadership, justify seclusion, wife-bashing, arbitrary divorce by husbands and inferior rights and status of women in the name of Islam. The average Muslim learns from the mullah that music, art, drawing animate beings, drama, theater, movies and other forms of entertainment are simply forbidden in Islam.

The Corrupt, Sectarian and Criminal Clerics are responsible for the Downfall and Humiliation of Muslim Ummah at the hands of the kuffaar. These criminal Clerics, Mufti, Imams, Ayatollah, Mullahs have made the Muslim Ummah their slaves, and have divided them into Haram and Mushrik SECTS.

They knowingly stop people from Allah.

Indeed the biggest criminals are the people themselves. They deliberately run away from Allah and His Exalted Quran.

It is the Muslims around the world who have given these ignorant cavemen the power to demonize Islam. Mullahs and Imams in my opinion are like a cancer in the Muslim society. To conclude, the whole society needs to be cleared from this cancer of mullahism.

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