Hadith Mongers usually quote verse 4:65 in order to justify the Hadith and Sunnah but when you read it carefully the verse saying something different.

4:64 We have sent no Messenger but that he should be obeyed by the will of Allah. And had they (Hypocrite) come to you when they had wronged themselves and sought the forgiveness of Allah (TOO), and the messenger sought forgiveness for them, they would have then found Allah to be Pardoning, Merciful.

According to the verse 4:64 Allah is saying to the Hypocrites that if you have to Obey the Messenger alone without the will of Allah then it is not possible.

4:65 No, by your Lord, they (Hypocrite) will not believe until they make you judge in what they dispute with each other, then they will not find in their souls any animosity for what you have decided, and they will comply completely.

Allah is saying that Hypocrite will not believe in Allah until they make Prophet Muhammad as a Judge between their disputes then they will not find any animosity for what Prophet Muhammad have decided according himself.

This verse proves that hypocrites wanted to follow the Prophet’s self-made decision only and Not the Quranic decision.

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