“The count of the Full moons with God is twelve full moons in the book of God the day He created the heavens and the earth; four of them are restricted… ” 9:36

The Yearly Debate (Hajj) Full moons are made known 2:197


The first full moon of the Four Restricted full moons (the full moon of scorching heat “Ramadan”) is for the Fasting while the remaining three full moons are for the Yearly Debate (Hajj). This gives people three opportunities per year to meet up for the Yearly Debate (Hajj).”

First Full moon is for Fasting 10 days.

Second Full moon is for Yearly Debate (Hajj) 10 days.

Third Full moon is for Yearly Debate (Hajj) 10 days.

Fourth Full moon is for Yearly Debate (Hajj) 10 days.


Shahr Ramadan is an Annual event to mark the anniversary of the Revelation of the Message The Qur’an.

Shahr means a Full moon (Lunar based) and Ramadan means Scorching heat (Solar based).

Fasting begins when the first full Moon which will appear after the start of the scorching heat season based on the solar system.

Scorching heat starts after the summer solstice every year. This is the time when the sun is at its highest point and hence the shadow is smallest.

So fasting begins from the next day after witnessing the first full moon of Scorching heat after the summer solstice.

Fasting is for 10 days. 2:184, 2:196

Purpose of fasting is to give thanks to God for all the blessings and to develop and strengthen our powers of self-control, so that we can resist wrongful desires and bad habits, and therefore “guard against evil”.

Whoever unable to do fast he can redeem by feeding one poor person. 2:184


Fasting begins when the twilight light is distinct from the darkness at dawn (when the stars begin to disappear in the sky). 2:187

Fasting ends with the night (when the stars begin to appear in the sky). 2:187

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