Human brain has capacity to store data in our memory which we collect through our ears and eyes.

This Data in our memory can be positive or negative. Satan only uses the negative data against our own selves in order to make us fearful, arrogant, disobedient and weak.

Human also have the ability to recall the memory from the stored memory in the brain. Human can recall this memory when he/she is awake or in sleep.

Example of how we recall the memory when we are awake is by doing the Self- Talk in our head.

This is the reason why we hear voices (Whispers) in our head.

There are two types of voices (Whispers) we hear in our head:


The voice we hear most often is our own voice. It’s called self-talk. Self-talk is a discussion we have with ourselves, often inside our head without the actual words coming out of our mouth. As long as the self-talk is positive, this self-talk isn’t a problem.

But when the voice turns nasty and is always pointing out everything we did wrong or will go wrong…it can be very hard to feel good about your daily activities. This type of self-talk drains our energy and motivation to achieve even the simplest of tasks.


As a human being, we not only hear our own self-talk, also hear our conversations from the past that others said.

For example: What our parents, friends or teacher telling us that you do this and that.

These voices can be positive or negative but satan always choose negative voice in order to misguide us.

Satan has the ability to match his voice with our voice and speak to us directly in our head this way we will not be able to identify him. We will think that in reality we are in control and making the decisions, judgments and actions but it is satan who takes control of us without realizing us.


A Sudden negative idea/thought generates in our mind is a satan. Satan is part of our nafs (Consciousness) and Satan uses negative memory from the brain which we collect through our input devices Ears and Eyes during our life. Our Mind goes through constant process of thinking so whenever we think satan interfere with our thinking process. Satan activates within us due to physical and psychological (emotional) changes which takes places within us through various reasons and situations in everyday of our life.


Satan is our enemy it may activate at any time due to physical and physiological changes in our body and mind so one has to be very careful.

A Sudden negative idea generates in your mind that is satan.

We have to control our own satan and the attack by satan from other humans. Satan fights with us from all directions.


If one has to control the satan then he/she must purify his/her memory and monitor the input devices such as ears and eyes.

Monitor your input data through the eyes and ears. Make sure only good data get inside the memory.


Allah has sent the device (Quran) to filter the Satan (Negative memory) from mind. Now it is up to us how we use this device properly.

Remembrance of Allah with the Quran works as antivirus.

Keep yourself away from bad company and activities.

If you remember the commandments of Allah they will protect you.

We are always in constant thinking process. So whenever we think satan mix something in our thinking but if we have the Quran loaded within our memory then it will work as a filter. Allah is the supreme and final authority to allow or disallow that thought. We are only allowed to think but Allah is the final authority to pass our thought.

This is how Allah protects us through his word Quran by blocking the satan when it activates within us.

Yes we have no control over the thoughts which generate within our mind but we can at least pass these thoughts from the Quran section in the memory.

Satan sends Whispers which may come from within the person or from other person(s). Satan attack us from all directions. These Whispers may also come through audio/video communication etc.

Compare the whisper (Idea/suggestion/advice) with the commandments of the Quran and you will identify the SATAN.

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