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Majority of Muslims call the Salat as a prayer. Salat is not a prayer. There is a difference between the words Prayer and Salat.

DUA (Prayer) means Ask/invoke/Supplicate to God for worldly benefits that may be material or social for oneself and others.

SALAT means closeness/attachment to God by remembering God and following his commandments in our daily lives. It can be achieved by taking heed (Rukku) on the message from God and surrendering (Sujjud) to the commandments of God.

Following verse clearly shows the difference between a Prayer and a Salat.

14:40 “My Lord, let me establish (Muqeema) the SALAT (Al Salati), and also from my progeny. Our Lord, and accept my PRAYER (DuAAi).”


The Book of God is complete, does not lack any aspect of divine guidance, has the distinction and explanation of its own subjects, is clear in its meaning, and is sufficient for the Believers.

The Quran is fully detailed 6:114, 11:1, 41:3, 17:12, 16:89, 12:111, 6:126, 7:52, 17:89, 18:54, complete 6:115, and enough for believers 45:6, 29:51, 27:92.

It is not enough for hypocrites (Munafiqs), Rejectors (Kafirs) and Mushriks (Idol Worshipers).

Those who don’t believe the Quran is fully detailed, complete and enough,

Their example is like Jews who were commanded by God to slaughter any cow which was a simple task but they asked for further details and made this simple task very complex.

In their particular example, they as Jews would have asked Moses:

Show us a video on exactly what type of cow should be slaughter detailing its color, young or old, thin or fat, good milk giving or less milk giving, pregnant or not, active or lazy, exact address to find it etc etc etc

Similarly the description of Salat in the Quran is to read the Quran, understand and implement the rules.

Now Sunnis & Shias who don’t believe the Quran is fully detailed, complete and enough for believers,

They want God to show them their invented Prayer/Salat in the Quran by giving them details of the Rakats, details of five Prayers, details of Unit of Prayer, details of What to say in the Rukku and Prostration, details of Saying Salams to Right and Left, details of Attahiyat, details of Darood etc etc etc

These Sunnis & Shias INSTEAD of asking IF THEIR INVENTIONS are supported by the Quran. THEY EXPECT the Quran to edit itself and contain their details of invented Prayer/Salat & Man Made laws.


Method of man made Salat is not mentioned in the man made hadiths.

There is not a single man made hadith which gives the method of Salat from the beginning till the end.

There are hundreds of man made hadiths that tell bits and pieces of different stories about how to pray.

There is not a single man made hadith available which gives the complete method of Salat performed by the traditional Muslims today.

Every sect has their own method of Salat and a Mosque named after their sect.


There is not a single verse in the Quran that gives us a clear, step by step, sequential method to observe a ritual called Salat.

For example, we cannot find a verse in the Quran that says, “O you who believe, when you get up to do the salat, then you shall stand, recite Quran, bow, prostrate…” And so on.

If the ritual salat was so important then why hasn’t God provided such important information to us? The simple answer is because the Salat is not a ritual.


1- Salat means follow closely/remain attached is not a prayer because Prayer in Arabic means Dua.

2- Commandment to establish (Aqimi) the Salat at specific times 17:78-79 & 11:114 was only for Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad can not establish the Salat for us at these specific times because he died in year 632 AD.

3- There is no commandment for believers to establish (Aqimu) the Salat at specific times.

4- Nowhere God said to Face or Sujjud towards the Masjid Al Haram/Kaaba in Salat.

5- Sujjud is for God and God does not live inside the Kaaba. God is omnipresent (Present everywhere).

6- Why the meaning of the word Sujjud as Prostration doesn’t not fit in many verses of the Quran?

7- How everything SUJJUD willingly and unwillingly 13:15?

8- Separate mentioning of Qiyam, Rukku, Sujjud etc in the Quran proves that they are not part of Rakat or Salat. Nowhere in Quran it is mentioned that they are parts of Rakat or Salat. So this proves that there is no such thing as Rakat.

9- Number of Rakats are not mentioned in the Quran.

10- Salat hours are not indicated in the Quran.

11- Salat names like Dhuhr, Asr, Magrib etc don’t exist in the Quran.

12- In traditional ritual prayer the Man made attribute or phrase Allahu Akbar is used which is not mentioned in the Quran.

13- In traditional ritual prayer people say the word Amen which is not mentioned in the Quran.

14- Corrupt Sunni & Shia Adhan is not mentioned in the Quran.

15- Reciting the fatiha in every rakat is not the commandment of God.

16- Reciting Attahiyat at the end of Prayer is not the commandment of God.

17- Raising index finger in Tashahhud is not the commandment of God.

18- Reciting Darood on Abraham, Muhammad and their family in Prayer is not the commandment of God.

19- Saying Salams on left and right at the end of Prayer is not the commandment of God.

20- Saying men and women should cover their head during Prayer is not the commandment of God.

21- Performing Prayer on a prayer mat is not the commandment of God.

22- Performing Wudu/Ghusil by washing body parts 3 times is not the commandment of God.

23- Both verses about Wudu/Ghusil 4:43 & 5:6 address explicitly to the men to perform Wudu/Ghusil.

24- What does it mean to lose the salat and follow desires instead (19:59)?

25- What was the salat that was given to Shu’aib (11:87)?

26- How can the polytheists observe the Salat (9:5)?

27- How did a group of believers performed traditional ritual prayer by carrying dangerous sharp weapons such as swords, shields, Arrows, Bows and spears etc 4:102?

28- How can anyone perform ritual Prayer on Foot and Riding (2:239)?

 29- How baby Jesus performed ritual Prayer and contributed Zakat in a cradle (19:29-31)?

30- Sun does not set and rise in the south-pole and north-pole for months so how will Muslims perform ritual Prayer in these regions?

31- If the words Aqim, Aqamu, Aqimu Salat in the Quran means we have to establish Ritual Prayer/Namaz with physical actions such as standing, bowing and prostration

Then What does God mean by

1- Establish AQAMU Torah and Injeel 5:66, Establish (TUQIMU) Torah and Injeel 5:68?

2- Establish (AQIM) Face to the system (DEEN) 10:105, 30:33, 30:43?

3- Establish (AQIMU) your Faces to the system (DEEN) 7:29?

4- Establish (AQIMU) the system (DEEN) 42:13?

Does it mean people of the book have to stand, bow and prostrate to Torah and Injeel?

Or Does it mean we have to stand, bow and prostrate to system (Deen)?

32- How Everything in the heavens and the earth performing their salat 24:41?

33- If Kaaba of Abraham existed during the time of Moses then why God commanded Moses to make new Qiblas 10:87 ?

34- When you prostrate to the Kaaba in ritual Salat, you are also prostrating the meteoroid (Hajr Aswad/Black Stone) attached to the kaaba. There is no such commandment in the Quran.

35- Salat protects believers from Fahshah and Munkar 29:45 so if Salat is limited to 5 times then how will Salat protect believers from Fahshah and Munkar rest of the time?

36- Why Ritual Salat don’t stop followers of group like ISIS, AL-QAIDA, TALIBAN, BOKO HARAM, SIPAH SAHABA, AL-NUSRA, AL SHABAAB, HEZBOLLAH etc from Fuhshaa (Lewdness) and Munkar (Vice)?

37- Performing Dhuhr and Asr prayers silently violate the commandment of God 17:110.

38- If Salat was ordained to Muhammad then which Salat is mentioned with Abraham & Ishmael (14:37, 14:40, 19:54-55), with Shuayb 11:87, with Moses 20:14, with Jesus/Isa 19:31 and with Zakariya 3:39 ?

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