When we read the Quran we come to the conclusion that Prophet Muhammad was a Bashar (Human Being) with sane mind.

But when we read the Hadith we see a completely different kind of Muhammad.

Muhammad who made things Halal and Haram.

Muhammad who invented his own method of Wudu.

Muhammad who invented his own method of Salat/Prayer.

Muhammad who attributed lies to Allah.

Muhammad who said Creation was done by Allah in 7 days.

Muhammad who said Allah will show his Shin on the day of judgment.

Muhammad who attributed lies to other Prophets/Messengers.

Muhammad who said Moses had scrotal hernia.

Muhammad who said an unknown Prophet burned the dwelling place of ants.

Muhammad who hated Women and said majority of women will be in Hell.

Muhammad who said women are a Fitna (Trail) for men.

Muhammad who said Dog, Donkey and Woman nullify the prayer if they pass in front of a praying man.

Muhammad who ordered Women to wear Hijaab/Niqab/Burqas.

Muhammad who said Water should be sprinkled over the urine of a boy, and the urine of a girl should be washed.

Muhammad who married to a 6 to 9 year old Child.

Muhammad who had sexual strength of 30 Men.

Muhammad who said believer will get sexual strength of 100 men in Paradise.

Muhammad who said Allah will put the Jews and Christians in Hell in place of Sinner Muslims.

Muhammad who flew on a two winged creature called Buraq.

Muhammad who performed Miracles like a Magician.

Muhammad who split the moon in two halves.

Muhammad who said there are eight angels in the form of mountain goats holding the throne of Allah.

Muhammad who said that Sun goes under Allah’s chair and ask permission to rise.

Muhammad who said that Sun rises between the horns of satan.

Muhammad who expelled the evil jinn from a boy.

Muhammad who was bewitched by a Jew.

Muhammad who was able to understand a Cow and a Wolf language.
Muhammad who said cock sees angels & donkey sees Satan.

Muhammad who said bone and animal dung are food of the Jinns.

Muhammad who said fever is from the heat of the hell fire.

Muhammad who said one wing of fly has a disease and in the other there is healing.

Muhammad who said Winter and Summer are due to breathing of Hell-fire.

Muhammad who said whoever take seven Ajwa dates in the morning will not be effected by magic or poison on that day.

Muhammad who ordered people to drink the milk and urine of camels.

Muhammad who told Useless Stories.

Muhammad who said Dajjal is Blind from Right Eye.

Muhammad who said Dajjal is Blind from Left Eye.

Muhammad who acted as a Fortune Teller.

Muhammad who allowed killing of Women and Children.

Muhammad who allowed Honor Killings.

Muhammad who ordered killing of an Apostate.

Muhammad who ordered killing of Homosexuals.

Muhammad who ordered People to be Stoned to death.

Muhammad who ordered Male and Female Circumcision.

Muhammad who ordered to kill all black dogs because they are devils.

Muhammad who said Angels do not enter a house that has either a dog or a picture in it.

Also According to the Hadiths

Muhammad had the ability to see from behind his back.

Adam was told that the universe was created because of Muhammad.

Adam was forgiven because of Muhammad.

Water spring out from Muhammad’s fingers.

Date-palm stem cried and groaning like a child after Muhammad embraced it.

Sweat of Muhammad was nicer than the perfume.

Muhammad who said he will intercede for people on the Day of Judgment.

Muhammad is alive in his grave.

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