“Salat al- wusta” is WRONGLY translated as the “middle” prayer/salat. “Wusta” is derived from the root “WST”. The usage of the words derived from the root WST in the Quran indicates that it always means “best” or “balanced” (See 5:89, 68:26, 2:143).

Also if you examine 2:238 closely you will find that it supports “wusta” meaning “best” or “most excellent” or “balanced” and not the name of an additional “middle” salat.

2:238 Be ever Mindful of (Hafizu) over the closenesses/attachments (Salawati); and the following closely (Salat) is the Best (Al Wusta); and stand for God dutifully.

There are 2 proofs from the Quran, that salat al-wusta is not an additional salat:


All the “salat” are automatically included in “salawaat”; it does not make any sense to say “and the middle salat” after already mentioning all Salats; that would be redundant and illogical. “Salawat” does not necessarily mean more than 2 salat per day either. “Salawat” can be referring to all the “salat” in a person’s life, e.g. in a month I might uphold sixty salat; “salawat” is referring to all those salat.


The word “wa” in the Quran does not always separate 2 different subjects; it has also been used in the Quran to separate two attributes of the same subject or to add explanation of a previously mentioned subject to clarify it.

For example:

4:113 And Allah has sent down to you the Book and (WA) the wisdom, and He has taught you that which you did not know. Allah’s grace upon you is great.

Here the Book and the Wisdom refer to the same Quran, they are not two different books. So Allah is mentioning two attributes of the same Quran, separated by “WA”. The Quran is a book and it contains wisdom. So here the Book AND the Wisdom is not two different books but attributes of the same Quran.

Another example:

21:48 And We had given Moses and Aaron the Criterion and a shining light and reminder for the righteous.

Here the Criterion is the shining light is the reminder. They are not 3 different books.

So Similarly in 2:238 when Allah says “Be Mindful of the salawaat AND salat al-wusta”, salat al-wusta is an attribute of the salawaat, meaning THE BEST/BALANCED SALAT. Allah wants that ALL OF OUR SALATS SHOULD BE BEST/BALANCED (upheld in the best possible or balanced manner). Salat al-wusta describing the quality for EACH salat that a believer should uphold, and here in this verse it does not mean another salat.

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  1. Pierre says:

    Salaam, I disagree. Allah showed a great sign by placing “al salaat al wusta” in the center of 2:238 in terms of words and letters. It means “the middle prayer”. The following article explains why it is the noon prayer:

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