1- Who invented the Islamic Calendar?

2- If Ramadan is a name of a Month then why God forgot to mention other names of months in the Quran 9:36 when he said that Quran is complete, detailed and enough for the believers ?

3- How can anyone witness a whole month 2:185? Also how common people used to witness a new crescent moon without a telescope?

4- The Qur’an refers to the fasting time as a few number of days “Ayamin Madodat” 2:184. So Do “a few number of days” mean an entire month, or does it mean a few number of days out of a month?

5- Which are the Four Months that God restricted since he created the heavens and the earth 9:36 according to the Quran?

6- If we translate Shahr as a month then God said months of Hajj are made known 2:197. So which are these months of Hajj according to the Quran?

7- According to verse 2:183 “O you who believe, FASTING HAS BEEN DECREED FOR YOU AS IT WAS DECREED FOR THOSE BEFORE YOU, perhaps you may be righteous.”

Now is there any proof that people of the book the Jews and the Christians were fasting for 30 days in the month called Ramadan?

8-How fasting make people righteous 2:183?

9-Why people in some countries fast for 21 hours and in other 10 hours?

10- According to history the Hijra Calendar was introduced by Caliph Omar in 638 C.E six years later after Prophet Muhammad’s death. So the question is which calendar was Prophet Muhammad following ?

The names of months in the Calendar before Islam were

1- Al-Mu’tamir,

2- Najir,

3- Khawwan,

4- Shuwan/Bushon,









Does it mean Prophet Muhammad was following this calendar ? And if he was following this calendar then which is the month known as Ramadan in this calendar ?

11-Is fasting possible in the Polar Regions?

12-Was Mary’s Siyam about not eating, not drinking and not having sex?

13- If Siyam of Mary in verse 19:26 means word fasting then why fasting in Ramadan not include word fasting?

14- Did Mary keep her Siyam in the month of Ramadan?

15- Are these word fasting or food fasting?

A-Ten days of fasting for those who are unable to give animal offering during hajj 2:196.

B-Two months of fasting as a repentance for killing the believer by accident 4:92.

C-Three days of fasting for breaking the oath 5:89.

D-Two months of fasting as a redemption for pronouncing Zihar to wives 58:3.

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