2:222 And they ask you about the menstruations? Say: ”It is harmful, so keep away from women during the menstruations, and do not approach them until they are cleansed. When they are cleansed, then you may approach them from where you are commanded by Allah.” Indeed Allah loves the repenters and He loves the cleansed.

As we can see in verse 2:222 Allah has only prohibited sexual intercourse for menstruating women and nothing else.

Allah has not forbidden any form of worship for a menstruating woman in any of the verses of the Qur’an.

But according to man made hadith Followers menstruating woman are prohibited to perform almost every act of worship because they believe women are highly ‘spiritually’ & physically impure and unclean during menstruation.

According to the man made hadith Followers menstruating:

* Women are prohibited to perform salat

* Women are prohibited to keep the fast.

* Women are prohibited to hold or touch a copy of the Qur’an

* Women are prohibited to recite a single verse of the Qur’an

* Women are prohibited to enter a mosque

* Women are prohibited to perform the Pilgrimage (Hajj)


2:223 Your women are a cultivation for you. So approach your cultivation as you wish towards goodness. And be aware of Allah and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.

The portion of the verse “So approach your cultivation as you wish towards goodness” referred to the liberty and freedom with which a person is allowed to come close to his wife. So it is simply speak about behavior of a husband. It is similar how a farmer approach his land with responsibility, caution and care.

The common misunderstanding about this verse is that husband is allowed to have anal sex with his wife.

We know that the woman has a right to be fulfilled by the husband during sexual relations; therefore to perform sexual intercourse with her through the anus is violation of this right. Anal intercourse neither fulfills her sexual desires nor does it reach its objective. Also, neither is the anus naturally prepared for this act nor was it created for that purpose; rather the vagina is the natural place prepared for sexual relations.

Sexual intercourse through the anus is harmful for the man; likewise it is greatly harmful for the woman because it is something very strange and far removed from innate natural human disposition.


56:77 It is an honorable Qur’an.

56:78 In a protected Book.

56:79 None can grasp (Understand) it (The Quran) except those purified (Who have Pure minds & hearts).

56:80 A revelation from the Lord of the worlds.

56:81 Are you disregarding this Hadith?

Misconception about the verse 56:79 is that men are not allowed to touch the Quran without wudhu/ablution and women cannot touch the Quran during menstruation. Why would Allah place hurdles in the way of approaching His guidance?

What Allah is saying in verse 56:79 is that the Qur’an itself cannot be MENTALLY GRASPED or UNDERSTOOD by those who have un-pure minds and hearts.

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