Prostrating physically to a Stone house in Makkah is worshiping it. Salat is not a ritual prayer that involves physically prostrating to a stone house in Makkah.

There is no verse in the Qur’an which says to Prostrate physically to a stone house in Makkah during Salat.

What sense does it make to say there is a specific direction of Physical Prostration in Salat if the Creator is omnipresent?

If Creator doesn’t reside inside the Kaaba in the desert of Arabia then why do people Praying toward it and Prostrating towards it?


Kaaba was built for guidance of the people 3:96. Kaaba is related to Abraham and it reminds us of our father Abraham who was a monotheist and he gave us a name Muslimeen. This is how the kaaba serves the purpose as guidance for the people.  So the Kaaba is a Symbol of Monotheism, it is not a place to worship in a prayer/salat. Nowhere God commanded to worship it.


The verse 2:115 proves that East and West belongs to God. God is not limited to any direction. So the direction for facing in Salat is not necessary.

2:115 And to God belong the east and the west, so wherever you turn, there is the face of God. God is Encompassing, Knowledgeable.

2:178 “Piety is not to turn your faces towards the east and the west …”.


53:62 So, Surrender (Fausjadu) yourselves to God, and serve.

55:6 And the stars and the trees are surrendering (Yasjudani).

96:19 So do not obey him, Surrender (Wasjud) and come near.

76:26 And from the night you shall Surrender (Fausjud) to Him and praise Him throughout.

15:98 So glorify the praise of your Lord, and be of those Who Surrender (Sajidina).

41:37 And from among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not Surrender (Tasjudu) to the sun, nor the moon; you shall Surrender (Usjadu) to who has created them, if it is truly Him you serve.


Sujjud means Submit/Surrender to the laws of God. These laws can be Commandments or the Laws of Nature.

13:15 And to God SUJJUD all who are in the heavens and the earth, WILLINGLY AND UNWILLINGLY, as do THEIR SHADOWS in the morning and the evening.

17:106 And a revelation that We have separated, so that you (O Muhammad) may read it to the people at intervals; and We have brought it down gradually.

17:107 Say: “Believe in it or do not believe in it. Those who have been given the knowledge before it, when it is recited to them, they fall to their chins (Adhqani) Surrendering (Sujjadan).”

17:108 And they say: “Praise be to our Lord. Truly, the promise of our Lord was fulfilled.”

17:109 And they fall upon their chins (Adhqani) crying, and it increases them in humility.

84:21 And when the Qur’an is read over them (Unbelievers), they do not Sujjud.

CONCLUSION: We don’t see God anywhere so we have to sujjud (surrender) to his words/message/commandments in the Quran and the laws of nature.


1- How everything in the heavens & the earth and their shadows Sujjud willingly and Unwillingly to God according to verse 13:15?

13:15 And to God YASJUDU all who are in the heavens and the earth, willingly and unwillingly, as do their shadows (Sujjud) in the morning and the evening.

SUJJUD is done by the shadows as well as who is in the heavens/earth. So if we accept that someone may prostrate physically (nose and forehead on the ground) willingly, how can we understand this unwillingly?

Does God push people on their faces forcefully so that they fall down on their noses and foreheads unwillingly?

Also how do the shadow of everything physically prostrate to Kaaba? Do they have heads, arms and legs?

2- How did the children of Israel enter the gate by doing Sujjud? Does it mean that Children of Israel entered the gate by crawling on their forehead and bellies? 7:161, 4:154, 2:58

3- How did the eleven planets, sun and moon performed Sujjud to Joseph according to verse 12:4?

Does it mean Sun, Moon and eleven planets had Heads, Arms and legs when they physically prostrated to Joseph ?

4- How people performed physical sujjud on chins 17:107 &17:109?

5- When the Magicians hired by Pharaoh recognized the truth then they performed Sujjud. 26:46, 7:120, 20:70. So the Question is whom did the Magicians performed Sujjud and in which direction?

6- Nowhere in the Quran it is mentioned that Malaikas (Angels) have physical bodies with heads, arms and legs so the question is how did the Angels physically prostrated to Adam? 2:34, 7:11, 15:30, 17:61, 18:50, 20:116, 38:73

7- According to verse 84:21 Unbelievers do not Sujjud when Quran is read/recited over them.

84:21 And when the Qur’an is read over them (Unbelievers), they do not Sujjud.

If we consider this Sujjud as a physical prostration then Do we see Muslims doing physically prostrating every time they hear/listen verses of the Quran at their homes, schools, colleges, universities, offices, Bus stops, trains stations, Airports etc?

If they are not physically prostrating every time they hear the verses of the Quran does this mean they are disobeying God according to verse 84:21?

8- How the stars and trees are doing Sujjud to God? Do they have head, Arms and legs etc?

55:6 And the stars and the trees are doing Sujjud to him.

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