Allah disapproves all hadiths apart from the Quran itself (39:18-23, 52:34, 4:87, 18:6, 77:50, 53:59);

Allah predicts that Muslim polytheists would call their forged teachings hadiths (7:185, 12:111; 31:6; 33:38; 35:43; 45:6; 52:34; 77:50);

Allah distances his Hadith from all man made hadiths (12:111);

Allah instructs to keep distance from hadithmongers who would mock the Quranic messages and import corruption to Islam (6:68, 4:140);

Allah predicts and warns about Imams of Hadith and hadithists, who would invest their time in unfounded hadiths and thus would import corruption in Islam, making mockery of the Quran (31:6);

Allah challenges the idea that his hadith needs extra man made hadith as a supplement (45:6-9, 26:221-223);

Allah declares that minds polluted with man made hadiths would hardly understand the Quran (56:79-82);

Allah discourages listening to man made hadiths (33:53) and criticizes their sharing, reporting and spreading (66:3);

Allah Warns that hadiths would degrade the Muslims and split them up into sects (23:44-54, 34:19, 68:35-44, 7:182-194).

In surah 69:38-48 Allah says

“A revelation (The Quran) from the Lord of the worlds, AND HAD HE (MUHAMMAD) ATTRIBUTED SOME FALSE SAYINGS (BA’DA AQAWILI) TO US, we’d have seized him by His right hand and cut off his life line”


Allah said that Quran is the only Hadith of Allah which Prophet Muhammad uttered.

93:11 As For With The Favor (Guidance) Of Your Lord So Hadith (Utter the Quran).

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