Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. There are various verses in Quran where God clearly says about Homosexuality.

7:80-81 And Lot, he said to his people: “Do you commit immorality such as none of those of the worlds had done before? You are approaching the men out of desire instead of the women! Indeed, you are a transgressing people.”

26:165-166 “Do you approach the males of the worlds? And you leave what your Lord has created for you of mates? You are an intrusive people!”

The end result for not giving up homosexuality was the destruction of entire cities.

11:82-83 So when Our command came, We made its highest part become its lowest, and We rained on it with hardened fiery projectiles. (These projectiles were) Marked from your Lord, and they are never far from the wicked.

The Quran forbids any sexual relationship other than in a marriage between a man and a woman. Many homosexual men and women claim that they are born with their sexual preferences and that they have no choice. Although this point is very much in dispute in the medical world, it has no support in the Quran. Even then, irrespective of the nature of homosexuality, this matter would not affect the laws spelled out clearly in the Quran .

We know that this life is a test. Everyone of us has his/her own test. For example someone may be born blind, but that person is expected to live his/her life according to God’s law. Others are born poor, short, tall, weak, missing fingers, having big nose…etc but all of them are expected to follow God’s law.

Some men or women may never marry in their life, or spend part of their life without a spouse. As per the Quran they still have to live a chaste life and avoid any sexual contacts outside a marriage. They have to suppress their sexual feelings to follow God’s law. It is a major test and not an easy one for many. Only those who submit to God will do everything they can to follow His law. They know that their salvation and eternal happiness rests in doing so.

Since God condemns homosexuality, then we have to believe that a man or a woman with homosexual feelings is expected to behave like any other human being and follows God’s laws if he/she truly believes in them. They shall resist their feelings, maintains abstinence, use all available resources of help including medical, social and behavioral therapies to overcome their behavior and feelings.

They should pray to God to help them getting over it and submit to God’s law that sees homosexuality as gross sin. Only those who steadfastly persevere in obeying God’s law will they pass their test and confirm their submission to God.

For a person who asks, “why me?”

We know God is the Most Merciful and Just (16:90) and He will give each one of us a fair test and a fair chance. He assigns the tests to suite each one of us and we believe that He will never burden any soul beyond its means (23:2).


The punishment for lesbian is home confinement till death of evil nature [i.e. weaning away from immoral practice] (Quran 4:15) and community will decide punishment for gay (4:16). Nevertheless, severity of punishment for illicit sexual intercourse must not outweigh flogging by 100 stripes (Quran 24:2).

Slight punishment (Quran 4:16) has been explained as meaning “reproving with tongue”.

Homosexuality is a sin and punishable crime in Islam

Homosexuality is immorality. It is lusting after same sex. Gay is mentioned in Quran

29:29 “You approach men lustfully”.

26:160 ” Will you not (amend yourselves and) be righteous?”.

It means homosexuality is reformable.

The goal of punishment is reformation and improvement of moral condition and behavior. This is in harmony with the spirit of the Quranic teachings,

“…. If they repent and amend leave them alone.” (Quran 4:15)

“…. Those who repent thereafter and make amends, for surely God is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 24:5)

Being homosexual cannot be helped at times and thus God would not hold people accountable for that, but practicing gay sex is A SIN because it is by choice.

This is a test……a test is whether they will actually engage in gay sex or refrain..

Speaking of “test”, no two human beings are given the same test by God. It is not like a school where we all have the same syllabus and same questions in the exam. God designed for each person a test that is different from others. And God knows us and knows which test should be given to which person.

Back to the test – we can say that God will test some people with poverty, some with bad health, some with vast riches (also a severe test in many ways) and some in sexual issues…

So it is important once again to differentiate between having the choice of how we are, and then having the choice to actually practice it ….

If they are truly genuine believers and facing the test, then they MUST convince themselves that if they seek God’s approval, they have to curb the urge of practicing gay sex.

“God never enjoins evil” (Quran 7:28).

“Repel Evil With the Best” (Quran 23:96).

Evil thoughts come from Satan (Quran 114:4).

“Whoso does evil only burdens his own soul” (Quran 4:112).

“Whoever goes beyond the limits set by God, he indeed wrongs his own self” (Quran 65:1).

“Evil was the end of those who did evil” (Quran 30:10).


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