The word Deen which means a system replaced with the word Religion.

The word Ibadah (Serving) replaced with word Worship.

The word Salat (Following closely) replaced with the word Prayer/Namaz.

The word Ghusil/Tahara replaced with the word Wudu. (5:6, 4:43)

The word Dharaba (Cite/Indicate) replaced with the word wife beating. (4:34)

The word Zeenata+huna (their dressed up bodies) replaced with the word their adornment.

The word khumuri+hinna (Their Covers) 24:31 replaced with the words Their headcovers, Hijab, headscarves, Niqab, Veil and Burka.

The word Ummy means Gentile or one who does not follow scripture (Torah, Injeel) replaced with the word Illiterate/Unlettered.

The word Tawaf means walk around replaced with the word circumambulating the Kaaba 7 times.

The word Sujjud (surrendering to the Divine laws of Allah) replaced with the word prostration.

The word Ruku (Taking heed on the Divine laws of Allah) replaced with the word bowing.

The phrase Deen Islam will expose all other Deens (9:33, 48:28, 61:9) replaced with the phrase Islam will dominate all other religions.

The word Qibla (Place of Interaction) replaced with the direction for facing in Salat.

The words Ma Malakat Aimanukum replaced with the words female slaves.

The words Umma Al Qura (Mother of Cities/Towns) replaced with only the City of Mecca/Makkah. (6:92, 47:7)

The word Is’tamta’tum means you have already had joy with 4:24 replaced with the word Nikah Mutah.

The word Yusalloona show closeness/attachment 33:56 replaced with the words sending Darood & Salawats on the Prophet.

The word Arabs replaced with the word bedouins.

The words Yawm Jumma (in/during time of gathering) replaced with the word Holy Friday. 62:9

The word Nudiya you are called/invited 62:9 replaced with word Adhan

The words Shahr Ramadan (Full moon of Scorching heat) replaced with the words Month of Ramadan. 2:185

The word Al-Kawthar 108:1 Abundant Good replaced with the words River in Paradise.

They will be exposed in verse 68:42 replaced with words the shin shall be laid bare by Allah.

The word Al Kabir (The Great) attribute from the Quran replaced with the word Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater) from hadiths.

The word Hurumun 5:1 & 5:96 which means under restriction was replaced with the words Ihram Dress for Hajj.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Masha’Allah brother – your work is helping a great deal of people, myself included, thank you

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