Islam means Peace with God by submitting our will to him.

Islam is a Deen (System) for entire mankind. Quran 3:19 & 3:85

3:19 The System (deen) with God is Submission (Islam), and those who received the Book did not dispute except after the knowledge came to them out of jealousy between them. And whoever rejects the revelations of God, then God is swift in judgment.

3:85 And whoever follows other than Islam (submission) as a system (Deen), it will not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he is of the losers.


Islam is the system of God for attainment of peace and paradise through self-surrender to the will/plan of God. Peace is attained through self-surrender to the “will of God” that is the Quran, leading to salvation and Paradise.

Islam is to respect all people irrespective of race, religion and color. Islam teaches love for all humanity. Peace is absence of injustice, inequality and disorder. Essence of Islam is peace. If no social justice, no Islam.

The System of Islam includes Quranic political system, Quranic economic system and Quranic moral values.

Truth, justice, gratitude, pondering, reflecting, thinking, serving, piety, charity, non-aggression (fighting only in self defense). Dedication to the intellectual is constantly mentioned, and the entire goal of serving God is to maintain righteousness.

5:2 “co-operate in righteousness and piety but don’t co-operate in sin and aggression.”

Righteousness in the Quran is about refraining from inflicting harm on others.

These are all universal values that cross over both politics and religion.

Islam in the Quran is not about culture, tradition, heritage, Arabic language, compulsion in System (Deen), following sheikhs, masters, scholars or rabbis, or ascribing partners to God. Islam in the Quran is not about fanatical salafism, doctrinal sectarianism, flaunting self righteousness. Islam in the Quran is not about man made Hadith and sharia laws that contradict these universal values that God details in Quran.

Islam is not a sect, or carrying out empty religious rituals. It is a set of values and principles by which to live a peaceful life.

After the death of Prophet Muhammad and the political power struggles for leadership divided the Muslim community into sects, Islam became sectarian and Hadith based including the absolutely unislamic practice of labeling others as kafir/kufr or non believers, which only God has the right to do. There are many who don’t identify as Muslim who practice the values of Quranic Islam and there are many who call themselves Muslim who don’t.

Only when all Muslims return to the Islam Based on the Quran will this fitna end and there will be peace in the Muslim community.


Islam is perverted by the so-called Imam/Ulma/Mullah etc by innovations, traditions and false doctrines since the time of Abbasid Caliphate.

Religion is for the Blind followers, Religious leaders and Scholars who make fame and fortune through the Religion.

Religion sets up new idols and mumbo-jumbos in order to keep the people’s attention away from the real problems of life.

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