It must be remembered that Allah Himself is not bound by Taqdeer (Measures and Standards for laws of nature) that He has promulgated for its creations and subjected them to it. It does not and cannot apply to Allah Himself.

His decisions and actions are not subject to the same limitations of Taqdeer as ours do. He is infinite in every respect including His power and authority. His infinite power cannot be, and never is, limited by the finite rules He himself has created for His finite creations. He does whatever His infinite Wisdom suggests in infinite ways beyond the functionality of the laws of nature and beyond all our knowledge and understanding.

Although Allah by His own Will lets the universe function as destined, on occasion, He has overridden the laws of nature in a limited manner to help His messengers fulfill His mission, though that overriding instances are also part of His Will – the overall predetermined, universal plan He envisioned while creating the universe. The miracles Allah showed through his Messengers, such as letting Moses walk through the sea or Jesus raise the dead, occurred because of His Will overriding the normal laws of nature.

However, He never uses His authority and power to change the decisions or choices a person is to make. He cleaned the earth from the disbelievers through flood at Noah’s time, but did not force them to become believers. When they still chose not to believe after Noah had exhausted his lifelong efforts, Allah simply finished their test by destroying them. This was mercy for the next generations so that they have a chance to think freely instead of being pressured into the wrong choices by the corrupt society. Similarly, the miraculous birth of Jesus without a father and his raising of the dead or curing of the blind, was out of Mercy of Allah to give an opportunity to disbelievers to learn from their experience and believe; but Allah did not use His authority to change their mind.

Allah does interfere in the human circumstances on the earth but always as a mercy for people to encourage them to make the right choices, but never to dictate anything to them that is in the realm of their promised freedom for the test of obedience.


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