Most of traditionalist represents infatuation with Sahaba to the point of idolatry. They have been made Saints by the ignorant and traditional Muslims alike. They have been ascribed qualities that they never had or possessed and made sinless and more righteous than any other human being. While paying the due respect to all the great Sahabas who carried the banner of Islam (Submission) at its birth we cannot agree with what the traditional Muslims teach about all the sahabas being good.

The word SAHABA doesn’t mean the BEST of people after the prophet.

Some good examples of this are:

2:119 …companions of (Ashabi) the hell fire (Al-Jaheemi).

5.86 …these are the companions of (Ashabu) the hell fire (Al-Jaheemi).

(Here they are used with a negative understanding)

The Quran equally uses the word in positive examples.

2:82…companions of (Ashabu) the Paradise (Al-Jannati).

So the Quran has no connotation and is NEUTRAL about the word Sahaba. It doesn’t mean good friend, or close companion.

What we find in the Quran is the word is used to signify someone next to you (not good or bad, believer or unbeliever etc). Nothing more nothing less.


A good example of this can be seen when Prophet Yusuf says

12:41 O my companions of (Sahibayi) Prison…

Yusuf just met these people in prison yet he calls them his sahaba.

There is also another prophet who mentions sahaba that must be considered…..

26:61-62 So when the two hosts saw each other, the companions of (Ashabu) Musa cried out: Most surely we are being overtaken. He said: By no means; surely my Lord is with me: He will show me a way out.

In this ayat we find a separation. Musa doesn’t say Allah is with US but ME, singular without mentioning his companions, his SAHABA. He distances himself from his Sahaba.

Later The Quran explains

26.65 And We saved Musa and those with him, all of them.

Again signifying they are not good nor bad, just present.

It is interesting to know that the Quran has told Muhammad that he does not know these hypocrites among his “Sahaba”, because they look the same like everyone else. ONLY GOD knew them. See 9:101

9:101 And from among the Arabs around you are hypocrites, and from among the people of the city, they persist in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will punish them twice, then they will be returned to a great punishment.

QURAN IS VERY CLEAR about what happened to these “Sahaba” after Muhammad’s death:

3:144 And Muhammad is but a messenger, like many messengers who have passed before him. If he dies or is killed will you turn back on your heels? And whoever turns back on his heels, he will not harm God in the least. And God will recompense the thankful.


As expected form the hypocrites and the disbelievers, they were very disturbed by what the Quran revealed about them. To counteract, many hadiths were invented to raise the status of the “Sahabas” and defend them and make ALL of them good and righteous people. The corrupted scholars and their blind followers disregarded what God said in the Quran and uphold these fabricated hadiths.

While the true believers will be happy with the QURAN ALONE and the assurance of God in the Quran, the others will try to find an escape in the books that were never authorized by God, the books of Hadiths and Suuna. BUT, GOD NEVER let them have it. God put in their way the truth, even in these books, so they have no excuse on the Last Day. There are tens of Hadiths listed in the books of Bukhari and Muslim, that show how some of these “Sahabas” were rebellious against God commandments and the Prophet. I will only list few of these and leave the rest for you to investigate, if you are not happy with the Quran and God ALONE.

Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, both reported that same Hadith:

The messenger of God, talking to his companions, said, “On the Day of Judgment, some of my Umma (community) will be taken to the left, and I will say; “to where ?”. I will be told “to the Hell fire” I will say; “God, these were my (Sahaba) companions.” I will be told that “You do not know what they invented after you. They turn back on their heel since you left them.” I will say’ ” To destruction, destruction to those who changed things after me”

Sahih Bukhari:

Al-Aala Ibn Al Musayeb said his father said, “I met Al Baraa Ibn Azib and told him, “Good for you that you accompanied the Prophet and declared allegiance to him under the tree.” He said, “Listen, the son of my brother, You do not know what we invented after him.”

Sahih Muslim:

Huthyfa said the Prophet said, ” Among my companions twelve hypocrites, of these, eight will not enter paradise until the camel pass through the eye of a needle.”


Saeed Ibn Al Musayeb said his father said, the Prophet said, “Some of my companions (Sahaba) will go to a river in Paradise, but they will be taken away, so I will call on God, “My companions (Sahaba),” but I will be told, “You do not know what they did after you. They turned back on their heel”

The same Hadith was given few more times with different narrators.

While these hadiths DO NOTHING to prove that the words of God in the Quran are correct, the idol-worshipers who cherish hadiths more than the word of God would be looking for them. It is interesting that they will never learn from it as God will block them from knowing the truth since they rejected the words of the Quran to start with. We are only listing them to give them no excuse, using their own language.

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