Why entire world and every one, whether individual or collectively are engulfed in “Azab”, punishment and has lost their peace and security?

We see that everywhere, in mosque, churches, meanders and etc, people are appealing to God for peace and protection. Yet we see no salvation. Does that mean God is not listing to the prayers or He is enjoying the suffering?

The answer is so simple.

The concept of punishment what we have that, God does or punished who ever He wills, is wrong.

God personally does not punish or inflict hardship on any nation or person.

The punishment upon nations or individual is a natural consequence of following and practicing wrong systems. It is Allah’s law of requital (law of reward and punishment) which becomes active as soon as the action is taken. And result will be in accordance with the action.

Compare with other nations we Muslims are suffering dual slavery. Our rulers are slaves to superpowers themselves and the nation along with its people are slaves to their rulers.

This is brought upon us because our leaders, rulers have become slaves to other powers due to their own selfish interests.

It is a mind set which Quran told us through examples.

When Quran narrates the stories of previous nations, it always emphasizes that these are not just historical events, but there is a hidden principle in those stories. Which is that, distraction and Azab which ruins any nation was the result of their wrong system of life , which they followed. And for us a lesson and a reminder that if we follow the wrong system, we will also face same consequences, we are not exempt from it.

Quran over and over explain that the result of any wrong system will be doom and bring destruction and Quran calls it “azab”.

The tragedy of us Muslims is, as soon as the word Azab is mentioned, it diverts our attention to punishment of the hereafter.

Yes we believe there will be life after death and Day of Judgment, the Quran has given us the detail of it. But that’s one part of it, the other part is the Azab (punishment) also come out in this world.

The Quran constantly keep reminding us not to establish and follow wrong system of life, because the nations were wiped out and destroyed due to their wrong systems previously.

This is a universal law of Requital which is applicable every where and upon every one. You reap what you have sown.

The entire principle of Deen rests upon the foundation given by the law of punishment and reward.

The entire purpose of telling us the stories of the earlier nations is to emphasize the fact that their destruction was a result of their wrong system of life. The Quran presents their stories as evidence that any one, any nation, any where if adopt wrong system will get the same results as those past nations.

Quran’s law of requital is real and it operates throughout the world and no one can escape from it. The out come of our actions are bound to occur because this id the law of Allah, and His laws are permanent and unchangeable.

The only ones to be safe and secure, those who establish and follow the system of life based on Quran and divine principles.

The Muslims must not leave this Azab just to hereafter but correct their wrong system of life here in this world and follow it whole heartedly.

The core of Quranic teachings is that the life after death (hereafter) will be accordance with the kind of life system we had established and adopted here in this world.

As Quran says, whose life of this world is ruined, his life after death will be ruined too.

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  1. Someone says:

    “Whose life is ruined in this world, his life after death will be ruined.”

    What about people who are victims of child abuse? I am sorry if this sounds weird but I take things very literally. I have a problem with reading between the lines. Sometimes I wonder if I may be autistic, LOL.

    My life was pretty fucked up. I have faced a lot of slander, my father was gone for a long time, I have been abused by a lot of people (family members, police officers, child safety system).

    Of course, they didn’t followed any Quranic principle. Me neither at that time but I started doing that. Will my life in hereafter become hard because I hard a hard time in this world?

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