God descends to the lowest Heaven every night.

Prophet Muhammad is alive in his grave.

Prophet Muhammad listening the darood/salawats in his grave and return Salams of people.

Maximum calamities & troubles come down in the Month of Safar.

Don’t eat food with left hand.

Don’t drink water with left hand.

Don’t enter the mosque with left foot.

Don’t enter the Toilet/Lavatory with right foot.

Don’t point feet towards the kaaba.

Don’t point feet towards the Quran.

The Quran should be covered with a cloth and Kept on a high place.

Don’t leave the Quran open because jinn will read it.

Menstruating women are not allowed to touch, read, and recite the Quran.

Angels don’t enter a house with pictures and dogs.

Quranic verses should be hanged in homes, shops and offices for Blessing and warding off the evil jinns.

One need to take a different route to come back home after Eid Nimaz/Prayer.

Take a long way/route on Jumma/Friday prayer because every step will be counted as a good deed.

ZamZam water has healing and blessing magic/powers.

One must stand up during drinking zamzam water and face the direction of Kaaba.

One must fold the corner of Prayer mat/rug because jinn will perform the Prayer instead of the person.

Stand close to one another in prayer without leaving any gap otherwise Devil will occupy the space.

Devils are chained in the month of Ramadan.

Devil Farts after listening the Adhan.

Recitation of Adhan in the right ear of new born baby.

Yawning is from the devil.

Black Dogs are devils.

Spouses must cover their bodies with blanket during Sex because Angels who are present feel ashamed.

Bath while covering your bodies because the Angels and Jinns are watching.

Lavatory should be built in such a way that it does not face Kaaba. When you sit on a WC or a toilet then you should not face Kaaba.

When evening comes – keep your children in, for the devils come out at that time, close the doors , tie up your waterskins and extinguish your lamps.

Do not urinate in a hole because Jinns live in these holes.

Don’t talk in the bathroom. If someone else talks, cough three times. (God doesn’t like it when people talk while not fully clothed.)

Holding the Quran on the top of the head of bride and groom during marriage for protection.

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