1. A Muslim man can co-marry 4 women/girls, without any of them agreeing to polygamy,

2. A Muslim man is allowed to Beat his wife if necessary,

3. A Muslim man is allowed to Rape their wives if they don’t submit to his sexual needs,

4. A Muslim man is allowed to Restrain their wives to house arrest,

5. Then have them all get stoned if they cheat on him, even if they haven’t cheated and his word goes before hers.

6. A Muslim man is allowed to kill their wives due to suspicion with the help of honor killing law,

7. A Muslim man is allowed to divorce their wives whenever he wants by uttering the words divorce divorce divorce!


1. Woman cannot become a head of state or an administrator.

2. Women have no right to vote for the governing body of the government.

3. Women’s voices must not be audible to men.

4. Women are not allowed to perform the Friday salat.

5. Women are not allowed to perform Salat, fast, recite the Quran or enter a mosque during their periods/menstruation.

6. Women Must wear Hijab.

7. Wearing of Hijab is obligatory for praying.

8. Women are not allowed to conduct/lead the congregational prayer.

9. Women are forbidden to shake hands with men.

10. Man is not allowed to sit in a chair previously occupied by a woman whose warmth is still preserved.

11. Woman cannot stay in an enclosed space where there are men.

12. Women are considered along with dogs and donkeys to invalidate the salat of a praying man.

13. The majority of women are doomed to go to hell.

14. Women are evil by nature.

15. Women lack intelligence.

16. Women must be kept indoors.

17. Women are forbidden to wear perfume.

18. Women are not allowed to use makeup.

19. Wife must obey her husband as a slave does.

20. Woman is required to have sexual relations whenever her husband calls her.

21. Two female witnesses are equal to one male witness.

22. Woman must have her parents permission in order to get married.

23. Circumcision of women to make them more desirable for husband.

24. Women are not allowed to attend funerals.

25. Women should take Mahram as an escort for hajj.

26. Beat women who have put on makeup and go around with uncovered head.

27. Prohibition for women to use birth control method.


1. Apostate should be killed.
2. Homosexuals should be killed.
3. Chop off the Hands of thief.
4. Adulterer and adulteress should be put to death by stoning.
5. 80 lashes for anyone who drinks alcohol.

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