“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong.

When they are presented with evidence

that works against that belief,

the new evidence cannot be accepted.

It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable,
called cognitive dissonance.

And because it is so important to protect the core belief,

they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything

that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”


2:170 And when it is said to them, “FOLLOW WHAT GOD HAS REVEALED,” they say, “Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing.” Even though their fathers did not think, nor were they guided?

5:104 And if they are told: “COME TO WHAT HAS SENT DOWN, AND TO THE MESSENGER;” they say: “We are content with what we found our fathers doing.” What if their fathers did not know anything nor were guided?

31:21 And if they are told: “FOLLOW THAT WHICH GOD HAS SENT DOWN.” They say: “No, we will follow what we found our fathers doing.” What if the devil had been leading them to the agony of Hell?

7:3 FOLLOW WHAT WAS SENT DOWN TO YOU FROM YOUR LORD, and do not follow besides him any supporters. Little do you remember!

6:148 Those who are polytheists will say: “If God wished, we would not have set up partners, nor would have our fathers, nor would we have made anything unlawful.” Those before them lied in the same way, until they tasted Our might. Say: “Do you have any knowledge to bring out to us? You only follow conjecture, you only guess.”

7:28 And if they commit immorality, they say: “We found our fathers doing such, and God ordered us to it.” Say: “God does not order immorality! Do you say about God what you do not know?”

7:70 They said: “Have you come to us to serve God alone and abandon what our fathers had served? Bring us what you promise if you are of the truthful ones!”

10:78 They said: “Have you come to us to turn us away from that which we found our fathers upon, and so that you two would have greatness in the land? We will not believe in you.”

11:62 They said: “O Saleh, you were well liked among us before this. Do you prohibit us from serving what our fathers served? We are in serious doubt as to what you are inviting us.”

11:87 They said: “O Shuaib, does your Closeness/Attachment (Salat) order you that we leave what our fathers served, or that we do not do with our money as we please? It seems only you are the compassionate, the wise!”

14:10 Their messengers said: “Is there doubt regarding God, the initiator
of the heavens and the earth? He invites you so that He may forgive some of your sins, and delay you to an appointed term.” They said: “You are merely human beings like us; you wish to turn us away from what our fathers used to serve. So come to us with a clear proof.”

16:35 And those who were polytheists said: “If God had wished, we would not have served a thing other than Him; neither us nor our fathers; nor would we have made unlawful anything other than from Him.” Those before them did exactly the same thing; then is there upon the messengers except to deliver the clarity?

21:52 As he said to his father and people: “What are these statues to which you are devoted?”
21:53 They said: “We found our fathers worshipping them.”
21:54 He said: “You and your fathers have been clearly misguided.”
21:55 They said: “Have you come to us with the truth, or are you simply playing?”
21:56 He said: “No, your lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the One who initiated them. And I bear witness to such.”

23:24 But the leaders who rejected from among his people said: “What is this but a human being like you? He wants to make himself better than you! And if it was indeed the will of God, He would have sent down angels. We did not hear such a thing among our fathers of old.”
23:25 “He is no more than a man who has madness in him. So keep watch on him for a while.”
23:26 He said: “My Lord, grant me victory for what they denied me.”

23:81 No, they have said the same as what the people of old had said.
23:82 They said: “If we are dead and become dust and bones, will we then be resurrected?”
23:83 “We, as well as our fathers, have been promised this from before. This is nothing except fictional tales of old!”

26:23 Pharaoh said: “And what is the Lord of the worlds?”
26:24 He said: “The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, if you are aware.”
26:25 He said to those around him: “Do you hear that?”
26:26 He said: “Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of old!”
26:27 He said: “This messenger of yours who has been sent to you is crazy!”

26:71 They said: “We worship statues; thus we stay devoted to them.”
26:72 He said: “Do they hear you when you call to them?”
26:73 “Or do they benefit you or harm you?”
26:74 They said: “No, but we found our fathers doing the same.”

27:67 And those who rejected said: “When we have become dust, as our fathers, shall we be brought out?”
27:68 “We have been promised this, both us and our fathers before. This is nothing except fictional tales of old!”

28:36 So when Moses went to them with Our clear signs, they said: “This is nothing but fabricated magic; nor did we hear of this from our fathers of old!”

37:13 And when they are reminded, they do not care.
37:14 And when they see a sign, they make fun of it.
37:15 And they said: “This is nothing except evident magic!”
37:16 “Can it be that after we die and become dust and bones, that we are resurrected?”
37:17 “What about our fathers of old?”

43:23 And similarly, We did not send a warner to a town, except its carefree ones said: “We found our fathers following a certain way, and we are being guided in their footsteps.”
43:24 He said: “What if I brought to you better a guidance than what you found your fathers upon?” They said: “We are disbelievers in that with which you have been sent.”

43:29 Indeed, I have given these people and their fathers to enjoy, until the truth came to them, and a clarifying messenger.
43:30 And when the truth came to them, they said: “This is magic, and we reject it.”

44:34 These people now are saying:
44:35 “There is nothing except our first death; and we will never be resurrected!”
44:36 “So bring back our forefathers, if you are truthful!”

45:25 And when Our clear revelations are recited to them, their only argument is to say: “Then bring back our forefathers, if you are truthful.”
45:26 Say: “God gives you life, then He puts you to death, then He will gather you to the Day of Resurrection, in which there is no doubt. But most of the people do not know.”

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