Humanity is one and clergy of the different religions misguided the humanity at large for their own worldly benefits. All the messengers / prophets / apostles of God came only to unite humanity and to teach humanity to do righteous deeds. This is clearly mentioned in Quran as well in verse 62 of chapter 2 (Surah Al-Baqarh) here is translation of this verse:

2:62 “Surely those who believe; and those who are Jewish (Hadu), and the Nazarenes (Nasara), and the Agnostics (Sabians), whoever of them believes in God and the Last Day and does good works; they will have their recompense with their Lord, and there is no fear upon them, nor will they grieve”.

Look in this verse of Quran it is clearly stated that one have to;

1- Believe In God
2- Believe in the last day (Day of Judgment) and
3- Do righteous deeds

Nothing else is the message of God delivered by the messengers of God. So humanity is one. Only righteous deeds are required at collective level. Now rest of the picture of affairs is before you and you are much learned to appreciate and understand the contest of Good & Evil. In Humanity, if one wants to divide it in religions, then in my humble opinion there are only two basic religions, Religion of “Good” and Religion of “evil”.

Whatever clergy interpret is not a religion, is not Islam. Word “Islam” drives from “slam” means peace. It means it is not a new religion. God send messengers with the eternal message of peace & righteous deeds and unite the humanity. They (messengers) were not here to create any particular religion. Clergy push behind the God and His message and bring forward the concocted stories and personalities of the messengers (to worship & to divide people) for worldly gains and authority.

Kindly read Quran without interpretations of clergy. God Himself narrated in Quran that He make it easy to understand. Verses of Quran interpret themselves. Whenever you confused on particular verse then read some verses falling before and after that particular verse.

Muslims are far away from true message of Quran as many even do not read it with understanding or read it piecemeal through the glasses of some particular clergy / section of religion / sect.

The message of all messengers including Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (Peace be on all of them) is the same from same God. It is clergy (including clergy of atheism), who in my opinion is the messenger of devil and spreading antonym of God’s message of peace and righteous deeds.

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