Personal testimony of Rashad Khalifa is nothing more than hearsay, conjecture, Hadith

In “Appendix 2,” Khalifa claims:

“During my Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, and before sunrise on Tuesday, Zul-Hijjah 3, 1391, December 21, 1971, I , Rashad Khalifa, the soul, the real person, not the body, was taken to some place in the universe where I was introduced to all the prophets as God’s Messenger of the Covenant. I was not informed of the details and true significance of this event until Ramadan 1408.”

“What I witnessed, in sharp consciousness, was that I was sitting still, while the prophets, one by one, came towards me, looked at my face, then nodded their heads. God showed them to me as they had looked in this world, attired in their respective mode of dress. There was an atmosphere of great awe, joy, and respect.”

“Except for Abraham, none of the prophets was identified to me. I knew that all the prophets were there, including Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Aaron, David, Noah, and the rest. I believe that the reason for revealing Abraham’s identity was that I asked about him. I was taken aback by the strong resemblance he had with my own family – myself, my father, my uncles. It was the only time that I wondered, ‘Who is this prophet who looks like my relatives?’ The answer came: ‘Abraham.’ No language was spoken. All communication was done mentally.”


“Submission Perspective” of September 1989: 

“Through Gabriel, i was commanded to make this announcement: after I die millions of believers will know that I represent the messiah the Jews have been waiting for, the Christ Christians have been expecting, the Mehdi the Muslims have been praying for. I am God’s Messenger of the Covenant.”

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