To worship Kaaba

To divide into sects

To commemorate Muhammad, Ali and their families more than Allah

To blindly follow Imams and Mullahs

To blindly follow books of hadith invented after the death of Muhammad

To kill homosexuals

To kill apostate

To cut off hands of a thief

To beat disobedient wife

To marry 6-9 year child

To circumcise males and females

To stone adulterers

To throw pebbles at concrete walls

To kiss a black stone

To recite the Quran without understanding

To show piousness by keeping beards and wearing head covers

To give charity of 2.5% in the month of Ramadan

To forcefully get tax from non-Muslims

To occupy peoples land and make their women as sex slaves

To make sculptures, pictures and paintings is Haram

To stop singing and listening music because it is Haram

To hope that Jesus and Imam Mahdi will rescue Muslims nation

To tell you that Islam will dominate the world

To give you false hope of intercession on the Day of Judgment from Muhammad, Ali and their families


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16:27 Then, on the Day of Resurrection He will humiliate them, and say: “Where are My partners regarding whom you used to dispute?” Those who have received the knowledge said: “The humiliation today and the misery are upon the rejecters.”

16:28 Those whom their lives are terminated by the angels, while they had wronged themselves: “Amnesty, we have not done any evil!” “Alas, God is aware of what you have done.”
16:29 “So enter the gates of Hell, in it you shall reside; such is the dwelling (Mathwa) of the arrogant.”
16:30 And it was said to those who were righteous: “What has your Lord sent down?” They said: “All goodness.” For those who have done good in this world there is good; and the Hereafter is goodness. Excellent indeed is the home of the righteous.
16:31 Gardens of delight; which they will enter, with rivers flowing beneath them, in it they will have what they wish. It is such that God rewards the righteous.
16:32 Those whom their lives are terminated by the angels, while they had been good, they will say: “Peace be upon you, enter the Paradise because of that which you have done.”
32:11 Say: “Your lives will be terminated by the angel of death that has been assigned to you, then to your Lord you will be returned.”
4:97 Those whose lives are terminated by the angels, while they had wronged themselves; they said: “What situation were you in?” They said: “We were oppressed on the earth.” They said: “Was the earth of God not wide enough that you could emigrate in it?” To these their abode will be Hell; what a miserable destiny!
4:98 Except for those who were oppressed from the men, women, and children who could not devise a plan nor could be guided to a way.
4:99 For these, perhaps God will pardon them. God is Pardoner, Forgiving.
6:61 And He is the Supreme over His servants, and He sends over you guardians. So that when the time of death comes to one of you, Our messengers terminate his life, and they do not neglect any.
6:62 Then they are returned to God, their true Patron; to Him is the judgment ‘HUKUMUH’ and He is the swiftest of reckoners.
7:36 As for those who reject Our revelations, and become arrogant towards them; then these are the dwellers of the Fire, in it they will abide”
7:37 Who is more wicked than he who invents lies about God, or denies His revelations? These will receive their portion from the record; so that when Our messengers come to terminate their lives, they will say: “Where are those whom you used to call on besides God?” They said: “They have abandoned us!” And they bore witness upon themselves that they were rejecters.
7:38 He said: “Enter with the multitude of nations before you from Ins and Jinn to the Fire!” Every time a nation entered, it cursed its sister nation, until they are all gathered inside it; then the last of them says to the first: “Our Lord, these are the ones who have misguided us, so give them double the retribution of the Fire!” He replied: “Each will receive double, but you do not know.”
6:93 And who is more wicked than he who invents lies about God, or says: “It has been inspired to me,” when We did not inspire anything to him; or who says: “I will bring down the same as what God has sent down.” And if you could only see the wicked at the moments of death when the angels have their arms opened: “Bring your souls out, today you will be given the severest punishment for what you used to say about God without truth, and you used to be arrogant towards His revelations.”
6:94 (And God will Say) “And you have come to Us individually, just as We had created you the first time; and you have left behind you all that We have provided for you; and We do not see your intercessors (Shufa’aa) with you that you used to claim were with you in partnership; all is severed between you, and what you have claimed has abandoned you.”
47:25 Surely, those who returned back, after the guidance has been made clear to them, the devil has enticed them and has led them on.
47:26 That is because they said to those who hated what God had sent down: “We will obey you in certain matters.” And God knows their secrets.
47:27 So how will it be when their lives are terminated by the angels, while striking their faces and their backs?
47:28 That is because they followed that which angered God, and they hated that which pleased Him. Thus, He nullified their works.
47:29 Or did those who harbor a disease in their hearts think that God would not bring out their evil thoughts?

47:30 And if We wished, We would show them to you so you would recognize them by their looks. However, you can recognize them by their speech. And God is fully aware of your works.

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Give Adhan for Prayer (According to your sect).

When you hear Adhan then recite a dua and ask for Prophet or his family’s intercession (According to your sect).

Perform prayer in Masjid (According to your sect) is better and rewarding than home or some other place.

Praying on time is important but you can cancel for some reasons and perform later (Qada or lapse prayer).

It is preferable to use prayer mat or use clean place.

Cover your head and wear a cap/headscarf during prayer.

Standing Facing towards Kaaba.

Making intention for the number of rakats in Prayer.

Raising your hands till ears or shoulders in Takbir (According to your sect).

Clasping the hands by placing the right hand over the left above the navel and some below the navel (According to your sect).

Raising your hands towards Kaaba (According to your sect) and bow place you hands on knees (According to your sect).

Come back in standing position then go down and Prostrate on floor, mat or piece of clay (According to your sect).

Sit and place your left foot from ball to heel on the floor. Your right foot should be toes on the floor only.

Raising index finger of right hand (Hold it or roll it) and say Tashhud (According to your sect).

While sitting in Tashhud Recite daroods on Abraham, Muhammad and their familes

Say salams to right and left (People or Angels!)

After the end of ritual Prayer ask for Dua (Prayer) by raising both hands to the shoulders.

End the Prayer (Dua) by wiping both hands on your face from top to bottom.

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1-Before the judgment day

Until Yajuj and Majuj is opened, and from every elevated place they will race forth 21:96
Creature (Dabbatan) from earth who will speak to them 27:82
Watch for the day when the heaven will bring a visible smoke. 44:10
The Hour draws near, and the moon is splitting apart (Inshaqa). 54:1
2-On the judgment day
Trumpet 6:773, 18:99, 20:102, 23:101, 27:87, 36:51, 39:68, 50:20, 69:13, 74:8, 78:18
Earthquake 99:1-5, 22:1
Nursing mother will leave her suckling child 22:1
Every pregnant one will miscarry 22:1
You will see the people intoxicated while they are not intoxicated 22:1
A Day which will turn the children white haired 73:17
When the sun extends. 81:1
And the moon becomes dark. 75:8
And the sun and the moon are joined together. 75:9
And the earth and the mountains will be removed from their place and crushed with a single crush. 69:14
And the sky will be torn, and on that Day it will be flimsy. 69:16
When the heaven is torn apart. And it admits its Lord, and is ready. And when the land is stretched. And it spits out what is in it and becomes empty. And it permits its Lord, and is ready. 84:1-5
The Day the earth is replaced with another earth, as are the heavens, and they will appear before God, the One, the Supreme.14:48
3-The Resurrection
Resurrection from the graves 36:51, 54:7, 70:43, 82:4

They will say: “Woe to us! Who has resurrected us from our resting place (Marqadina)? This is what the Almighty had promised; and the messengers were truthful!” 36:52

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1-Prophet said he is unware of the discussion take place in the exalted assembly.

38:69 “I had no knowledge of the exalted Assembly (Al Mala-i Al Aala), when they were disputing (The Creation of Adam).”

38:70 “It is only inspired to me that I am a clear warner.”

2-Devils are barred from listening to the exalted assembly.

37:6 We have adorned the lower heaven with the decoration of planets.

37:7 And to guard against every rebellious devil.

37:8 They cannot listen to the exalted Assembly (Al Mala-i Al Aala); and they are bombarded from every side.

3-Angels are surrounding the throne of God.

39:75 And you will see the angels surrounding the Throne, carrying out duties with the praise of their Lord. And it will be judged between them with the truth, and it will be said: “Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds”.

4-Carriers of the Throne.

40:7 Those who carry the Throne (eight Angels 69:17) and all those surrounding it, glorify with the praise of their Lord, and believe in Him, and they seek forgiveness for those who have believed: “Our Lord, You encompass all things with mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who repented and followed Your path, and spare them the agony of Hell.”

40:8 (Angels will say) “Our Lord, and admit them into gardens of delight which You had promised for them and for those who did good of their fathers, their spouses (Azwajihim), and their progeny. You are the Noble, the Wise.”

5-Eight Angels.

69:17 And the angels will be on its borders; and the Throne of your Lord will be carried, above them on that Day, by eight.

6-Verses which indicate the Exalted Assembly as WE.

18:80 “And as for the youth, his parents were believers, so =>WE<= were concerned that he would oppress them by his transgression and disbelief.”

18:81 “So =>WE<= wanted their Lord to replace for them with one who is better than him in purity (Zakatan) and closer to mercy.”

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